Chicken Chat

I’d like to start this post off with a really funny conversation I had with one of my 8 year old students at work on Monday regarding chickens. My chickens.

It began in the office while Ben (fake name) was being observed for a bit after he bumped his head out on the playground. I was manning the office, solo, for about 15 minutes. I think the subject of what and how many pets we own came up and for about 10 minutes, he excitedly picked my brain about the 21 chickens I told him we have in our backyard. He was stoked over this news. I could see it in his eyes that his wheels were turning. We even brought math into the conversation. I explained to him that, normally, a grown chicken will/should lay one egg every day. Again, another mind bomb! How many eggs should I get a week, I asked him. 147. Whoa! “Can I have one?”, he asks. I informed him that we do sell eggs by the dozen (so no, he can’t have one) for $4. “Do you have $4?”, I asked. He replied, “…I have more than $4.” I then explained that I can’t and won’t sell a dozen eggs to him without permission from his parents, first. I’d need a handwritten note from Mom first. He understood.

Minutes later I was back in my art class, pulling a group of kids from his classroom…him included. For at least 5 more minutes during art, we discussed the issue of the eggs further. He asked, “If I bring you the note from my mom tomorrow, when’s the soonest that I’ll get the eggs? What about if I bring it in 2 days?” We were making detailed arrangements and I’d never seen him more excited about something than I had at that moment.

Now here’s where moods shift. I don’t know what was said, either on my end or his, to make him come to this realization…but he blurts out, “What?! Those kind of eggs? I can just go by those eggs at the market! Why would I give you $4 for them!?” His egg bubble was just busted and I had no clue what had just happened. I asked him what in the world kind of eggs did he think I was selling him. After a few more minutes of questioning and trying to get to the bottom of this, I figured it out. He thought I was selling him a dozen eggs…with chicks in them. He totally thought he was going to pay $4 for 12 baby chicks! No wonder he was so thrilled over eggs. Of course, I couldn’t explain to him that you need a rooster to fertilize the eggs to make baby chicks, and that we don’t have a rooster. I think he thought that since these eggs were dropping straight from the chicken and into our hands, that babies were in them. I wonder where he thinks the eggs they sell at the market come from?

Anyways, I felt terrible. I laughed a little but mostly apologized. He reminded me that he’s just a kid and how is he to know this stuff. I concluded our conversation with, “just so you know for future reference, no one sells eggs like that. ” Poor kid. I kind of want to surprise him with chicks, now. Or, at least one of our chickens. How about the one that we suspect is actually a rooster. I’m sure his parents (and neighbors) would love that.

Now, on to photos of my beauty. Mia loves our chickens. Sometimes she’ll make “babababa” sounds when Daddy and I ask her what sound a chicken makes. It’s funny watching her follow them around the yard, trying to catch up to one to touch it. They’re too fast for her.



She always stops what she’s doing to focus in on airplanes that soar overhead.




She loves playing in the dirt, just like Daddy.


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