Christmas Tree Hunt (part deux)

We got our tree over the weekend. More specifically, we chopped down our tree over the weekend. Fine, to be exact, Dominic chopped down our tree over the weekend, I just picked it out and watched him do all the dirty work. Thanks, husband.


Our little reindeer.


A rare mommy-and-Mia photo.


  Our friend’s daughter, Madison, loved helping with anything having to do with the baby. Dom had to assist her in pushing the stroller through such rugged terrain.x3       This is our 2nd time cutting down our own tree. Our first year doing this was the year before last in 2010 and the tree was put in my parents house since that’s where I lived at the time. I wrote about it in my first blog. I totally forgot about my original blog (pre-baby) until now…and I just spent the last 20 minutes browsing though it, thinking how much thinner I was and reminiscing on all the free time I had and all the partying and playing with friends I did. Man. I need to get my rear into gear and burn this baby fat off already. I want to feel young and light again.

Anyways, this year is our very first time owning and sharing a Christmas tree as a family and in our first home together.  We went to a tree farm in Valencia, the same one in the post from 2 years ago. This time, we went with a few groups of friends and our daughter.

Here’s one of our friends’ son, scoping out a pipe under this tree. He has no problem getting dirty.


Here’s his daddy, super stoked about taking this tree down. This guy’s got some ninja skills. It was down maybe 5 seconds after he started.


Daddy Dom’s turn.



We ended the trip with a smile.


We picked out a 7 1/2 footer, since our ceiling’s only 8 feet tall. When we got it home, the thing fell over….twice. The first time it fell, it dumped out all the water on the carpet which I then proceeded to vacuum over to pick up the tree needles, not even thinking that I was sucking up the water, too. Before I knew it, water and foam and bubbles were spewing out of ever crease and crack in the vacuum. The next time the tree fell, I was crouching underneath it trying to clean the water spill. Yeah, it fell on me. Ugh. Dominic had to nail some wire to the wall and tie it to the tree to keep it from falling again.


It’s finally up and decorated…although I don’t have a finished result photo yet. Thanks to my mom for donating many of our first ornaments. I made a few of them myself and I’ll be posting some DIY ideas and photos for you real soon. Until then, happy holidays and good night :)

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  1. Of course! And we all love you ladies, too. We\’re happy to have you around :)

  2. haha.. Love the picture of Jameson watching the tree “timburrrr” over! Too cute! <3 As always.. thank you for letting us participate in something new in Mia's life! We love her (and you guys, but you know ;) )SO much!! <3

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