Consignment Meltdown

I may have scored some sweet deals on shoes and clothing for my daughter at the consignment sale last week, but I paid for it (big time) with Mia’s very first, public meltdown.

Before I go any further, do you know what a consignment sale is? If not, I’m tickled pink to be the first person to introduce you to them. They are ah-mazing sales that occur only a few times a year. At least that’s the case here in southern California with the LA Kids Consignment Sales. You may want to add yourself to their mailing list. Basically, if you’ve been collecting your kids’ clothes since birth, like I have, and you’re looking to make some cash off of it and make a bigger buck than you’d make selling them at a garage sale…you may want to think about being a consignor. Every item sold is at least 50% off of its original price (but are used…most of em). Seriously, there are garments that look like new for as low as $1! I try to hold out as much as I can during the year on buying Mia’s clothes for these consignment sales and you should, too. Oh, and you can also buy toys, strollers, car seats, furniture, bottles, plates, shoes, furniture, DVDs and even things for mom.

My mom and I went to the first fall sale in Valencia on Thursday. By the way, that’s an important detail to note if you ever go to one. Take a buddy that can help you watch your kid, or better yet, go solo. There are way too many people, sights and sounds to easily make your way through the warehouse without craziness ensuing. This was my year for crazy.

Anyways, we spent about an hour scouring the racks for clothes and the bins for shoes and the floor for toys. After all was said and done, we got in the mother of all lines. This thing traveled clear across the warehouse and wrapped back around to the other side. Take a look:

longlineMia was not about to sit in her stroller peacefully and patiently for our turn. No, she didn’t even last 5 minutes of us arriving to the sale in her stroller. She had to be on her own 2 feet. So…grandma kept her busy letting her loose to wander as she pleased. Everyone was fine and sane, until, 45 minutes had passed and it was our turn to checkout.

Since Grandma was making a few purchases of her own, she pulled Mia away from the slide she was enjoying to head to the register. This enraged her. No really, while in Grandma’s arms Mia threw her hands up in the air, flung her head back in a coyote-howling-like-motion and wailed, no screamed at the top of her lungs. Grandma tried separating her items to give to the cashier while still holding the screaming child but gave up on it and handed her off to me. This resulted in an even more intense scream and wider range of arm motions. I tried everything: her bunny, a cracker, her sippy cup with water, setting her onto the ground and nothing worked. I could feel all the eyes in that warehouse burning into my skin. I was getting flustered and heading towards embarrassment. The one thing that comforted me was knowing that every parent there fell into one of 2 categories: parents who have already been in the exact same predicament that I was in and parents who have yet to experience a full blown meltdown, but would some day. That was a nice thought. So back to me and Mia… I bounced and swayed and shh’d and soothed until the lightbulb turned on in my head to grab the pacifier. It worked! It worked for a matter of minutes until Grandma was done paying and it was now my turn to checkout. I handed Mia off and she immediately wanted to play with one of the toys that Grandma had just purchased. Grandma was trying to get the hell outta there with her bags and the baby and didn’t allow Mia to just sit there and play. The meltdown continued. We were just in the intermission. This time, she plopped herself down on the ground while screaming…arms were raised in the air…and seconds later she was face and belly down on the ground with arms stretched out…balling her eyes out. Seriously? SERIOUSLY???

First…public…meltdown. I’ve joined the club.

Oh the anxiety. The cashier expressed her sympathy for me and within minutes I had joined Grandma and Mia in the parking lot where Mia’s meltdown was still going strong, mainly because I wouldn’t let her run free in an area that was full of moving cars. This kid was tired (past her nap time) and hungry (past her lunch time) and she was falling apart at the seams. Let that be tip #2 for all you interested in hitting up a consignment sale. Make sure your kid is well rested AND make sure you feed him/her while you’re shopping if they have a mealtime coming to them. Don’t wait until the very last minute.

So what do we have to show for our meltdown morning? Here are the items that I purchased. Grandma’s findings are not shown. The sale that takes place in Burbank (next month) is a much better one in my opinion. And yes, I will be attending…baby free!

cs Collage1(top left: linens I plan to use for my photography businesses newborn sessions)

cs Collage2(top left: I LOVE this GAP sweater!!!, bottom right: no, she’s not going to be a ladybug for Halloween but I just couldn’t pass this up for fun dress-up days)

cs Collage3(top: the 2 right pairs of shoes are Vans that I love!, bottom: Mia loves this plate set, we’ve used it everyday since the sale. It was only $2)

All items shown above cost me a whopping $90. That comes to an average price of $5 and some change per item. Good, right? The most expensive item was the pink Columbia jacket at $10. If you know that brand, then you know what a steal that is!

Until the next sale…



  1. OMG… those meltdowns freak me out and I know they’ll be here soon enough. Roman actually had a mini-meltdown on Sunday. We were at a baby shower and let’s just say when he wanted to nurse he wasn’t taking no for an answer! We had to excuse ourselves out to the car for 20 minutes… of course right as they were about to serve dessert. LOL

  2. Aww man I wished I knew about this sooner :( I’m leaving for the Philippines next week pooooop

  3. Yayyyy! Welcome to the meltdown club.. and might I add it sounds as if you handled it PERFECTLY!

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