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Hello everyone, I am sorry it has been a few days since we gave you a worth while post. Momma is still recuperating and baby Mia is getting adjusted to her new house and lets face it, I cant write a story half as good as Misty can so I will spare your time.

Here are a few pictures of the last couple of days.

Sorry but these are raw pictures… unedited, uncut.


Proud Grandparents!!

Snug as a bug

We made it home!!

I love my Daddy

Im hungry

I hope this will help with your baby fix… Misty I’m sure will give a much more detailed post soon. Thanks for reading and voting. Please comment and don’t forget to “like” this post.


  1. Great pics guys! Love the one of Momma & Baby Mia – SO SWEET!!! Can't wait to meet her!! XOXO

  2. She is beautiful! She has her daddy's chin! Congrats! We are dying to meet her!

  3. How precious! She is absolutely beautiful. Congrats to you both :) Love her leggings.

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