Cuddly Canine

 Is it the baby in my belly, or are you just happy to see me!?

Our doozie of a dog, Roxi, has been showing just a wee bit more interest in me lately.  She’s such the “Daddy’s girl,”  I thought I couldn’t possibly steal that twinkle in her eye that glistens when he’s near.  Ok, ok…Daddy is still her main squeeze, but I have been stealing some pretty sweet cuddling (as presented in Exhibit A, B and C, below).  I’ll take it!  Could it be, that this canny canine can sense my precious bundle of joy?  I’ve noticed that she’s been gravitating toward me so much more than she used to.  When she jumps on the bed in the mornings with us, she snuggles right up next to me or even on me.  She sits by me, rests her head in my lap, or makes herself comfortable by my feet.  Dominic tells me that when I’m not staying over at his house (which is during the week), she usually doesn’t sleep in his room.  When I’m there, shes’ there.  Her actions are subtle, but  to me they’re quite huge.  Just gives  me that warm, fuzzy feeling inside…*sigh*


Both Dominic and I are very eager to see how Roxi responds to this big change, disguised in a little baby body, that’s coming her way in just a few months.  She gets jealous over attention easily, after all, she’s been the princess all her life.  But, she’s also very loyal and protective.  Will she watch over the baby?  Or become resentful?

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Please share YOUR pets/pregnancy stories.  Leave a comment.


  1. Awwww – Roxi girl! For sure she knows what's going on & heck yes she is going to be Mia's protector!

    • i cant wait to see her reaction to Baby Mia.. im sure she will be jealous for awhile but soon will realize she is one of the pack and she needs to protect her. :)

  2. Frankie and Piper have always been attached to me but since I've been pregnant, they are glued to me. They used to just sleep in the bed. Now, they sleep on either side of me, as close to on my belly as I'll let them. If I sit down on the couch, they come sit on me… Good thing they're small. When we go in Abby's room, Frankie goes right under the crib and lies down. I'm thinking he's gonna be her little nap time protector. And just like Daddy, Frankie seems to have acquired a sympathy belly too ;)… They definitely know I'm pregnant! Let's just hope they love the baby as much as they seem to love me.

  3. Michael Martinez says

    Did Dom make this site?

    • yes he did :)

      with a little color decoration by Misty and the actual posts by her as well.. i just set it all up and try to make it work

    • It's a collaboration. All the posts, words, pics are mine (Misty's)…he encouraged me to create a site on WordPress, rather than on Blogspot (which is what I originally had). He does more technical stuff on here for me.

  4. stephanie rodriguez says

    She just knows she won't be the center of attention anymore… precious..

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