The day my daughter watched The Wizard of Oz for the first time

It was a fluke.

I had not intended to show my 19 month old daughter The Wizard of Oz until she was older and able to better understand what was going on. I never thought for a second that at this young age she would be remotely interested in it. I was wrong.

I had just happened to be flipping through channels on TV when I saw that this classic was coming on in a few minutes. Mia was already in the room and since this is one of my favorite movies of all time, of course I was going to watch it. Just like her mommy, Mia was totally into it. She was pretty much mesmerized from beginning to end. She bounced around a few times towards the end but for most of the movie she was glued to the sights and sounds of it. I was very surprised and pretty stoked, to be honest. Like mother like daughter.


The very next day, I put the movie on again (we recorded it…but boo to having commercials). I wanted to see if Mia was only into it the night before or was she truly a fan. I’m happy to say that she’s truly a fan. She would say “ohhh noooo” when the witch would pop up on the screen and would gasp when the munchkins or Dorothy would when they became startled. The photo collage below captures our 2nd afternoon of watching it. She loves to love up on mama when we’re on the couch together…and nibble now, too. Oh, btw…the middle photo on the top row was taken when the wicked witch of the west was on. Mia was definitely concerned.

oz collage

Getting to experience favorites of mine for the “first time”, all over again through my daughter…is an indescribable perk of being a parent.

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  1. Re-living the firsts has been my favourite part of parenthood so far. With our 1st Christmas right around the corner, I’m beaming with excitement. <3 And how lucky are you that she loves your fave movie!

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