December’s Sponsorship Special!

We’ve got a sponsorship special running through the month of December, folks! Don’t be confused by our Halloweenish ad, here. The special is indeed for DECEMBER.

We’ll post your 125×125 button on our blog (right sidebar) for only $10 for an entire month (from date of purchase)! You’ll also get a little Momista Beginnings shout-out on one of our posts encouraging our readers to check you out. Score. To take advantage of this deal, all you have to do is contact us any day during the month of December to arrange your sponsorship.

We’ve been climbing up in the rankings over at Top Baby Blogs and we currently hold the #13 position. Our readership and daily views continue to pleasantly increase and your ad on our site will hopefully do the same for you!

Hit us up.

And don’t forget to vote for us before ya go (once, daily). Votes for us = higher ranking = more views = more views for YOU if you so choose to decorate our sidebar with your lovely button :)

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