DIY Footprint Ornament {Baby’s 1st Christmas}

To help mark our daughter’s first Christmas, we decided to create a little keepsake that we can bust out each year and hang on the tree for all to see. Since we’re also trying to stick to our very strict budget for Christmas gifts this year, we made a few extra to give away to family. Handmade gifts are always a little more personal and special.


We bought some round ornaments (on sale) from Michael’s over the weekend for this project. I already had some acrylic paint and a paintbrush on hand. We sat Mia down in her high-chair and painted the bottom of her foot.


   She was surprisingly still and calm during this part. Notice the Chewy bar? That’s one of her favorite things to play with. She likes the crinkly sound the wrapper makes when she handles it.


Getting a recognizable footprint on the ornament was the tricky part. The wet paint on the smooth ornament made for a very slippery task. The print kept smudging and sliding, forcing us to wipe it off and try multiple times. I think letting the paint on her foot dry for a minute or 2 before trying to make the print was the best way to approach it. This caused the paint to thicken a little so it wouldn’t slide so much against the ornament.


We attempted to make hand prints on the reverse side of the ornament. No way that was happening. She kept opening and closing her hand once the paint was on it. She liked the feel of it, I guess. The hand print was just a big fat smudge. So, instead, I used a paint pen to write “Mia’s 1st Christmas 2012” on the back side. That looked much better. Overall, this DIY footprint ornament was a fun experience. And if things don’t go well the first time, try again another day. I’d make sure baby is napped and well fed before beginning. Hungry and tired babies are never cooperative.

I’d love to hear some more ideas on any personalized ornaments or gifts that you’ve made with your little ones. Feel free to comment and even link us to your post or pictures.

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  1. Love it! Look at Mia’s little feet all curled up, she is so stinkin’ sweet!

  2. See if you can get a cheap canvas. Give her some paint in her hands and let her smear it all over the canvas. When its dry make a hand print on one side and foot print on the other. We do the prints in the bottom corners. It’s a gift the grandparents love getting each year and they love to compare them over the years.

    • Aw what a cute idea! Omg, the thought of letting her go crazy with paint all over the place makes me a little anxious…but I totally want to do it. Thanks for sharing.

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