DIY Gift Wrapped Glass Doors

Do you hate clutter, like I do?  Are you not big on “displaying” things such as fancy china or random knick knacks?  Are you looking for a way to hide the mess?  I’m cool with a very select FEW collection of decor items, but it drives me crazy to see ALL of my things out in the open.  It makes my space feel too busy and, cluttered…like I said.  Well, we’ve got this big ol’ china cabinet that we got for free when me moved into our house and I definitely don’t have anything nice to put in it.  Instead, it holds the stuff that I currently don’t have another home for.  I look at this stuff like it were the cellulite of the house, if you will.  We have it.  We know we have it.  We don’t want to see it.  We don’t anyone else to see it.  We cover it up.  We smile.

All I did was take this super trendy Chevron print wrapping paper that I found at Target about a week ago and I sized it to fit the inside of the glass door and side windows.  For the center door, all I used was a pencil, scissors and scotch tape.  How simple is that?!

  decor 032

I simply taped the paper to the inside of the door, straight onto the glass.

 decor 035


decor 034

For the side windows, I sized some poster board (yellow is all I had, but it doesn’t show) to fit and then taped the wrapping paper onto the board.  I did this because I can’t open up the windows and therefore, I can’t easily position flimsy bendy wrapping paper to fit just right.  The poster board gave me the sturdiness I needed to position it, and then tape it to the inside as well.


decor 037


Here’s the finished look!  What do you think?

decor 043


I love it.  The color choice also helps bring in more of the green color scheme I want in the dining room area.  Another project I’m going to tackle (when I get the time) is to paint this beast.  What color?  Great question.  Sea Foam Green.  Will that even match this wrapping paper that I used?  I think so.  I My HUSBAND just hung up curtains I got from Ikea in this room that incorporates green, sea foam green, teal, white, and a dark blue.

It works.  I imagine it will work with this furniture, too.  If not, the paper comes out and a different pattern and color will replace it.  Simple as that.

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  1. Love your choice in paper!

  2. Looks great Misty!!!! And Dom.. does that mean YOU hung curtains? ;)

  3. Awesome, LOVE IT!!

  4. You hung curtains?

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