DIY: Stylish Stenciling {A Review}

Hey, ya’ll. I’ve got something to share with you today that I’m excited about. I’ve FINALLY finished a project. A stenciling project. I was inspired to start such a DIY project by one of my favorite blogs that I’ve been following lately called Vintage Revivals. This mom has done some really crafty interior work in her home and in the homes of a few others. She’s got a lot of ideas to share and she’s worth checking out. This is the post I came across when I decided to follow in her stenciling footsteps. She makes it look so easy.

I contacted Regina from Royal Design Studio about providing me with one of their stencils for review here at Momista Beginnings. Not only was she willing to send me the stencil of my choice (which was crazy hard to choose because there are so many beautiful stencils that I could imagine on any wall of my home) but she was super nice and accommodating; a pleasure to “work with.” Before we go any further, let me say this: The following is a truthful account of my personal experience with this product. I wasn’t paid for this review. All opinions are my own.

So, anyone who’s ever dared to use a stencil knows what I’m talking about when I say, “Whew!” I guess if you were to use a stencil over a small space or area, then it’s easy-lemon-squeezy (can you tell I work with kiddos?). If you choose to devote most of your free time to a real project, such as stenciling an entire wall of a room or more, then major props to you. I’ve never stenciled before and let me tell you that the phrase “beginners luck” doesn’t apply to everything. You actually need to practice on a disposable surface before attempting to stencil (which I did not do). Originally, I thought that stenciling the entire inside of our spare room would be no problem. I was so wrong. I painted the walls white and then used grey to roll over the stencil with.


After repositioning the stencil and reapplying more paint a few times, I had to start over because the thickness of the lines were so uneven. This happened to me a few times. Also, I was trying to use a smaller stencil on a really big surface, which was literally taking me days (I have a 5 month old, everything takes 5x longer than it should). I finally threw in the towel and painted over all my progress with white again to start over on a much smaller wall in my living room.

By the time I started work in the living room, I had learned by now (through trial and error on the spare room’s wall) that using a foam roller! I recommend using a nappier (that a word?) textured roller. It looks and feels like fur, almost. It applies the paint more evenly and I found that the paint wasn’t seeping under the stencil like it did with a foam roller.


Having the right tools is a major part of creating a successful project. That’s why I trusted in Vintage Revivals’ review of her stencil from Royal Design Studio. When I received my stencil, I was impressed with its quality. It’s sturdy yet it’s very malleable.


I was faced with a few tough spots (like around the thermostat and in the corner of the wall) but the material that the stencil is made with allowed me to bend it enough (without creasing or snapping it in half) to fit in those tight spots.


After finishing the project, the stencil still looked as good as it does when it arrived in the mail (after scrubbing the layers of green paint that had built up on it). I’ll definitely get to use my Scallops #2059 stencil again on future projects.


It only took me a few days to stencil on the green scallop print across the wall. It took me a few more days to find the time to hand paint a few touch up spots that needed closer attention. I’m really pleased with the results. All of the hard work and time spent was so worth it.

13As you can see, I chose to do a little extra decorating on the wall.


The mirror was found at a garage sale as part of set of 3 frames for a total of $7 (one framed this mirror and the other 2 framed ugly paintings, but I can use the frames alone for something else).


These picture frames were found at Michael’s craft store for about $5 each. I arranged some artwork to tell the story of our family’s beginning, in a nutshell. The top left frame shows a single and lonely bird, followed by a frame with birds that found another that they fancy. The next frame, shown in the below image, symbolizes the love that the 2 birds found; lovebirds. The last frame depicts the beginnings of their family. Cute.

8  The artwork in the frames were images that I had Googled and then printed using my home printer. Gennine Zlatkis is the artist that created these adorable images which you can find for sale at her Etsy store, HERE.



The colors in the artwork help bring out the same colors I used when decorating with this rug and with the pillows on the sofa, shown at the beginning of this post.


So…whataya think???

Please feel free to contact me with any questions you may have about my experience with stenciling. Also, a big “THANK YOU” to Royal Design Studio for allowing me to review your fab product. And lastly, please don’t forget to vote for Momista Beginnings by clicking the link below. Sadly, we’re slipping down in the ranks over at TopBabyBlogs and we’d greatly appreciate your help in bumping us up the ladder. Thanks.Click To Vote For Us @ Top Baby Blogs Directory!


  1. SHUT UP! You did that entire wall? Looks AMAZING Misty, great work! Can you do our house next??!!

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