DIY: Upcycling Mommy’s Clothes

I’ve seen so many tutorials on Pinterest showing you how to sew/make clothes for the baby. I’ve always wanted to make clothes for Mia, but without proper instruction I’ve never made the attempt. Last week I got the sewing machine out and put my pinning to reality. I know with most of you, that rarely happens. We’re so much more creative online than in person. I try to do both.

I grabbed a t-shirt of Mia’s that I don’t really like anymore but it still fit her really well. I cut it apart, following all the seams so that I had a template to make my new shirt with. I had 4 pieces in all (front, back, 2 sleeves). Then, I found an old shirt of mine that I don’t wear anymore. I traced my templates onto my old shirt and cut all 4 pieces out. I started Mia’s shirt by making hems along the neckline and the bottom of the front and back pieces. I sewed the 2 together at the shoulder seams, followed by adding the sleeves. Then I sewed the front and back pieces together along the side seams and just like that, I was done.

It’s definitely not perfect and I’m sure there’s a pin out there with a great tutorial on how to make one. I just winged it.

I love the plunging v-neck. I think it’s hilarious. She’s so hipster. (Ahem, it also very EASILY fits her giant, in-the-97th-percentile-for-her-age sized head!)

shirt collage1



After making the shirt, I decided to get crazy and make something else. I remembered a super easy looking tutorial on how to turn a skirt into a pair of baby leggings. I had just the skirt (from Target, years ago) that I knew would be perfect for this. It’s not like I’m going to be wearing it any time soon (damn you post-baby-body). I’d much rather see it on Mia than to sit in a drawer and never see the light of day.

When I began, I didn’t even refer back to the tutorial I had found. I just…went for it. I grabbed a pair of leggings that fit Mia really well and traced them onto the skirt. I kept the waistband of the skirt at the top of Mia’s leggings and the length fit perfectly with the length of the leggings, so no hemming at the top or the bottom for me. Anyways, the tutorial explains it all much better.

Here’s how they turned out! I was so impressed with myself. Not bad at all.



She loves playing peek-a-boo with our curtains.

Leggings Collage1

After I made the leggings, I found this tutorial for making leggings that looks so much easier than how I made mine!

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  2. Wow!!! That’s way more impressive then homemade baby food!!!! Miss that little girl’s smile!!!!! Kisses from me to her please!!!!!! xo

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