Dog Day Afternoon

C’mon now…get right out of town! This is just too funny.  Here we have our German Shepherd, Rancho, catching up on some zzzz’s in true Mia form.  Or is it, Mia is napping in true Rancho form?  They both can be spotted in this position on any given day, but side-by-side?…a moment that surely won’t be repeated.

ranch n mia

This makes me wonder…which dogs are known to be the most baby/kid friendly?  My husband and I had wondered how our dog, 8 year old Roxi (lab/pit mix), would handle our new family addition, baby Mia.  Turns out, she’s just the motherly protector that we thought she’d be.  Roxi “guards” the baby and me by sitting on the floor on my side of the bed in the morning until we get up.  She sits within a few feet of us when I feed Mia until we’re done.  She also lays on the floor by Mia’s swing when she’s in it and napping.  Rancho, on the other hand, is only a puppy.  He’s about 5-6 months old and pretty much has no clue he’s even a dog, let alone that there’s a baby present.  He has sniffed Mia a time or two, but probably to see if she’s got any food on her.  We’re still curious to see how he grows with Mia and if a relationship between them will form.

With all that being said, I’d love to hear any of YOUR experiences with dogs and your kid/s.  Which dogs prove to be the best with them?  How did your pet, the once center-of-attention “child”, deal with a new member of the pack?  Leave your comments below so that all readers may benefit.  Thanks!

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  1. My bulldog and toddler are besties. Since the beginning, Goliath just took to the baby. At first when the baby would cry I could tell Goliath wouldnt know what to make of it, he knew it wasnt a good thing probably based on our reaction, but after the baby was good and fed, Goliath would lay right next to his crib and wait there. Protective doggies are the best.

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