Egg Lady: My New Alias

The husband and I have recently begun to sell our eggs to my co-workers at work. No, not my eggs…our chicken’s eggs. Yup, if ya didn’t know already, we have 7 chickens. I put up a weekly sign-up sheet in my classroom and folks have been filling their names in. We’ve been getting continued orders for the eggs and we’re actually not able to come up with enough sometimes. Each chicken isĀ supposed to lay one egg per day, but we’re currently getting an average of 5 a day. We’re working on some plans for acquiring more chickens and for designing and building another coop for them in the backyard. What a great spring project. Please, feel free to leave us any tips, advice or ideas for our coop.

The other day, my co-worker gal-pal, Jillian, gave me her payment in this cute, little, stapled up pocket.

egg lady

I guess “Egg Lady” is my new identity around these parts.

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