Etsy Store Update: Branch Coasters

Hey kids, happy Friday!

Here’s a little sneak peek into what my little Etsy store elves (hubby & I) are currently working on…

natural branch coasters

Cool, right? Please, tell me what you think. I’m thinkin’ they’re very Anthropologie-esque. We’re still testing out different staining, priming and glossing techniques to get the best quality product. But, I LOVE them! Yes, these have been hand cut, sanded and primed. They’ll be sold in sets but the price is still undecided.  I brought a set of them to work the other day and they were an instant hit. I think I already have 6 orders! I hope the Etsy world is just as excited about them as we are. Cupcake stands and cake stands are also projects we’ll be tackling soon, made from branches. Get ready.

In other Etsy news, I still have about 35 burp cloths that are waiting to be sewed/hemmed. The problem is, I use my mom’s sewing machine at her house. I have an old/vintage one I bought from a garage sale but haven’t taken it in for service to make sure it’s in working condition. Also, I don’t have a work bench or desk in the office, yet, to work on this stuff. Soon…soon.

I’m also trying to come up with an appropriate Etsy shop NAME. Some I’ve thought of have been taken already. Feel free to throw some ideas at me, but don’t take offense if I don’t use it :) I can’t wait for this to happen, guys. Stoked.

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  1. Rowan, Thank you for the comment. They are made from Pine wood. I believe White Pine

  2. I do actually like those. What kind if wood?

  3. These are beautiful! Love them!

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