Father’s Day Questionnaire (Free Printable)

Have you seen these fun questionnaires floating around online? There are many variations to them but they all have the same concept which is to provide a memorable way to record your child’s candid answers to a list of questions about a friend or family member. And since “kids say the darndest things”…you’re bound to get some real gems out of them with one of these.

Since the first time I came across this idea a year or two ago, I had been dying to try it out with my daughter, Mia. Of course, I had to wait until she was old enough to understand each question and articulate her responses. I gave it a go 8 months ago for Dominic’s birthday but I asked less questions and those that required short or one word answers since Mia was only 2 1/2.

Since she just turned 3 a few months ago and has quite the vocabulary, I thought recreating a questionnaire for her to fill out for Dominic on Father’s Day was the perfect idea. See her answers below! I plan on reusing this same questionnaire with each Father’s Day to come. I can’t wait to look back on each one, years from now, and compare her answers. How interesting it will be to see how not only her vocabulary advances but her thoughts and personality as well.

This takes very little time to complete so if you’re looking for a sweet, simple and personal gift for your child’s dad this Father’s Day (hello!….it’s only 5 days away, get on it!), then this idea is perfect for you. See below the image for the link to download it and print it for yourself. Please note that this is for personal use only and if you choose to share this, please link back to me here. Also, try pairing this questionnaire along with some artwork made by your kids for Dad, too (click here for projects created by me). These are gifts that Dad won’t be throwing away.

All About Dad3Just CLICK HERE for your own, free Father’s Day Questionnaire printable.

*Mia’s answers*

  • My dad’s name is Daddy-O. (This is her nickname for him)
  • My dad is 3 years old. (She truly believes this. She thinks he can join her in her 3 year old class at preschool next year.)
  • My dad has black hair and blue eyes. (Almost! His hair is dark brown and eyes are green/hazel.)
  • My dad’s job is taking care of koi fish and feeding them because they’re hungry! (He has a pond company.)
  • My dad’s favorite food is spaghetti & his favorite treat is candy. (He likes both, but neither are his favorite. More like hers!)
  • My dad’s favorite color is blue.
  • My dad likes to wear work shirts. (So true! All he ever wears, even around the house, is his green So-Cal Ponds shirt!)
  • My dad laughs when I eat ice cream like a bear. (I have never seen her do this. How does a bear eat ice cream, I wonder?)
  • My dad is happy when he plays with the dogs. (True that!)
  • My dad gets mad when the TV stops working because the batteries are dead. (Ha! Dad loves his TV. Doesn’t take batteries, though.)
  • My dad always says, “I love you, Mia Rose Carone Bug!” (Sure does!)
  • My dad calls me “Mia Bug.” (Lifelong nickname for her)
  • My favorite thing about my dad is that he likes to play with me. (The only thing every 3 year old wants.)
  • I love my dad because he’s my favorite, best Daddy in the whole world. (Aw, so sweet! She said this with a big smile.)
  • My dad loves me because he protects me and he knows me. (Seriously?! I die.)

After you round up your own answers for this questionnaire, I’d love for you to share the responses your kids gave! Comment below, let me know how it goes. Hope all of you have a lovely Father’s Day!

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  1. Oh my goodness… This is so incredibly sweet and makes me feel all the feels. How adorable your daughter is and sounds like she has a wonderful relationship with her poppa. *sniff*

    Thanks for sharing; and hope you all have a happy Father’s Day! XOXO

  2. Thanks so much for sharing this! I am going to print and use! Your daughters answers are great! I love what they come up with!

  3. Just printed today! Can’t wait to have my kiddos fill out :) THANK YOU

  4. My daughters are 20 months and 2 weeks old. While my older daughter has an extensive vocabulary, she can’t quite answer these questions yet but I certainly look forward to next year when she can!
    …Please let me know if you ever find out how a bear eats ice cream. Might make for an interesting blog post! ;)

    • Haha…right?! You better believe I’ll be staring at her intently next time she eats ice cream. So random! Thanks for the comment…and the laugh :)

  5. This is adorable! What a great keepsake to have and update every year for father and child to cherish <3 Thanks for the printable!

  6. Awwwww! My heart just melted a little!

  7. Well if this post doesn’t melt your heart then nothing will! Absolutely adorable and I can’t wait for my daughter to be old enough to respond to these types of questions! Also, your daughter’s hair in your picture is STUNNING. It’s so beautiful, I hope she never cuts it.

  8. LOVE this idea! I’m totally pinning it to do it next year. My daughter’s a little bit older than 2, so while she’s talking all.the.time, she still needs a few more words under her belt for this!

  9. I haven’t seen the q’aires. But, I think they are a way cute idea.

  10. This is so cute! I will have to try this out. Thank you for sharing!!

  11. This is so cute! I am pinning to print out for my son later!

  12. This is super cute. I plan to do this with my children for Father’s day, but I think I might record them. Thanks for listing the questions…sometimes those can be hard to come up with.

  13. This is such a nice idea! I’ve printed two out for my kids to do too – thanks!

  14. Nothing can replace a Father’s love. I lost mine a few years back and miss him terribly. Lovely post….

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