Find your humanity! Haven’t any of you ever had a dream?

No, Rapunzel from the movie Tangled is not guest posting on the blog today. Although, how sweet would that be? Most likely she’d post a vlog since I’m sure she’d break out into song more than once. Something you’ll never see me do here. Wow, I digress.

What I really want to share with you, is a dream belonging to my husband (and a request for your help). If you’re a regular around here, you may be taken aback by my choice of content today since the husband is rarely put in my blogging spotlight. On the daily, he does his thing (working like a dog at growing his pond business and busting out quality ponds all around town with his own two hands) and I do my thing (being a fantastical mom to two gorgeous girls, like a boss…and blogging). Most of the time, we do an okay job at keeping those thangs of ours apart but today I feel it’s very necessary to mix that up.


Here’s the deal: the husband owns So-Cal Ponds, Inc., a pond company that he grew from the ground up (beginning over 15 years ago), starting with basically no money or knowledge of starting a business. His love for the outdoors and nature and his interest in fish and running water led him to designing, creating and sustaining ponds. He followed his passion and joined an industry that truly makes him happy.

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Over the years of building his company to a successful corporation, he’s faced many challenges but has also made many accomplishments. He’s acquired a loyal clientele and gained the respect of his peers in the field which has allowed him to steadily continue growth and support. Today, he is ready to take his business to the next level. However, one challenge that has made this difficult is having limited disposable cash flow to hire more experienced talent (ie: job foreman, bookkeeper, advertiser, etc.) and necessary vehicles and big time tools. The business is seeing a steep increase in action (people calling and wanting work) but without enough manpower, accepting more work is becoming impossible.


ChaseMissionHere is where you come in.

Chase bank’s program, Mission Main Street Grants, is awarding $100,000 each to 20 small businesses. Currently, they are in the voting process which requires each business to acquire at least 250 votes to even be considered for this grant (which will be awarded in September). As I write this, he has a little over half of the votes needed and the deadline is 17 days away (June 19th). Please, help him by giving So-Cal Ponds your vote. Voting is easy, takes only seconds and doesn’t require your email. This is a life changing opportunity for us and you have a chance at taking a small part in that by helping us reach 250 votes.

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If So-Cal Ponds were to be awarded this grant, not only would it allow my husband to grow his business as big as it wants right now, but it would also allow him to achieve his ultimate dream which is opening up a store. He currently works out of our home but has, for years, wanted his own, official location. I’m telling you, there’s nothing more that this man talks about other than his future pond store. Everywhere he goes, he’s scouting out that perfect location for it. He’s constantly brainstorming specials he’d offer there, ponds he’d display, products he’d sell, demonstrations he’d hold for the public, fundraisers he’d participate in, on-site barbecues he’d host for customers, plans for advertising, connections he’d make with contractors and realtors, hours of operation, and the list goes on. There isn’t a detail he’s left uncovered, really.

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lat waterfall2

My husband is the perfect example of what it means to pursue the American Dream; achieving prosperity through hard work, determination, and initiative. I couldn’t be more proud of him and all of his painstaking efforts to make a name for himself in the world. Although it’s taking a toll on him physically, he gets up every morning and busts his ass (sometimes lifting and moving hundreds of pounds of rock and digging dirt) to provide a good life for our family and build a respectable reputation. Please, help this more than deserving, hardworking man turn his dreams into reality.

van*Finally, his new maintenance van has been wrapped with his new company logo (designed by me)*

So how about you? What’s your dream? (Hey-o! Another line from the movie). But seriously, tell me about it in the comments below!

Mine involves being a bad-ass and sought after photographer but that involves putting in time (into practice, classes and workshops) and money (into good equipment) and I don’t have enough of either of the two right now. I do plan on pursuing this dream, though. I’ve got years ahead of me to fine-tune my skills and take the appropriate steps to get to where I want. All good things to those who wait. (And yet another line. Can you tell which movie we’ve had on repeat in our home lately?)

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  1. Kayla Daughetee says

    OMG!! This has to be the most awesome business I have ever seen!! Sorry being here in Ohio ponds are every where and fishing is our main summer activity. Seriously the coolest thing ever!

  2. Good luck!! I voted!!

  3. ok first of. Love Tangled and it is on repeat in our home as well . Your husband does amazing work. Voted!! Good luck!

  4. Voted! :) Best of luck to him in the contest!!

  5. Your husband is so talented! He does beautiful work!

  6. I voted! Beautiful ponds, I need one in my yard…you know if he wants to come to Maine ;)

  7. Done! Best of luck to him!!!

  8. Congrats to you are the hubs! It really is a team effort when it comes to starting a business. My boyfriends boss just incorporated and it takes a lot of time, energy, and dedication! Definitely voted for him on fb :)

  9. What a wonderful tribute to your hardworking hubby! I definitely voted! Good luck!

  10. Karen Tavera says

    I voted for Dominic!!! No one deserves this opportunity more! Good luck!

  11. Voted for you guys!!! GOOD LUCK!! Your husband totally deserves this. Also, those ponds are so beautiful!!!!!!!!

  12. Awesome! Just voted!! Best of luck to Daddy Dom!! :)

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