Fireworks and Zzz’s

I can’t believe that the kid, MY kid, who wakes up at the slightest creak in the floor when checking up on her in the night….crashed merely a minute into the fireworks on the 4th this year! When the warm-up shots lit the sky, she was nervous and even fussed for a bit. When they officially began, she was tense and let out a cry or two. A minute later…knocked out in my lap with my hands covering her ears the best I could to keep her from waking. Not even the finale, which sounded like rapid explosions, woke her up. I don’t get it.

We spent our 4th of July the same way we’ve spent it for a handful of years now, at my parents’ house. They have a dinner/get-together with mostly family and some friends. Dinner is always delicious and pretty impressive. This year we ate homemade Jambalaya and Gazpacho. If you don’t know what those are, look ’em up. They’re amazing. My mom made her famous Sangria that I gladly enjoyed over the evening. It was a night with good company, some of which who last saw Mia when she was only 2 months old.

Here are a few sights from the holiday. Mia’s dress, btw, was handed down to us from my mom’s good friend, Elena. It was her daughter’s when she was Mia’s age (she’s now in her early or mid 20s). Wouldn’t this be considered vintage? I love it and so did the rest of the party. Thanks Elena!!!


I never know what Daddy Dom is doing! Turns out, he’s scanning the grass for fleas which weren’t fleas but were hopping bugs that looked like fleas.



There’s the Mia that we know and love so well. When the camera comes out and she’s asked to actually sit, this Mia Monster comes out as well.4th5

We hope all of you here in the U. S. of A. had a fabulous and safe holiday. I so wish we could set off our own fireworks (which I’ve done, btw, in the middle of nowhere, TN!). So much fun.

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