First Family Hike

The day: Super Bowl Sunday

The time: Smack dab in the middle of gorgeous

The event: Our first hike as a family

One purchase that Daddy Dom and I had made together before Mia was even born was the hiking baby carrier you see below. If you know Dominic at all, then you can only imagine how much he has been anticipating it’s first use with Mia sitting pretty inside it, strapped to his back. Every once in a while he’d bust it out and walk around the house with it on, imagining the moment when Mia would be big enough for it. Well, we finally took the opportunity to break it in, hiking the trails of Eaton Canyon in Altadena, CA. Dominic and I used to hike quite often pre-baby. He’s been on a few since she’s been born. This was Mama’s first hike in about a year and a half and baby Mia’s first, at all. She totally loved it. She was so well behaved, cruisin’ along with her folks and the dogs. She was checking out the world to her left, and then to her right, and then back to her left, and then up ahead around Dad’s head, and then behind her looking back at Mom. She laughed at the dogs and felt her first mountain and saw her first waterfall. She fell asleep in the carrier on the way back to the car from excitement exhaustion (or it could have been because we began our hike a little too close to her nap time).

Enjoy our lovely photos from such a perfect afternoon.







A waterfall is at the end of the trail and the icing on the cake for such a beautiful hike. After taking a break and checking it out, we were just about to head back when we saw a couple in their wedding day attire with a photographer at their heels. I had to stick around longer to see what they were up to. I didn’t have the best position for the photos below since there were at least 20 other people scattered around the rocks where we sat, watching the couple as well.


Even though it was a nice day, the water was still cold. Good for them for going for it. I thought they were adorable.


Cute, right? Some day, I’ll be photographing moments like this for a living. I’d just love it.





Rancho and me.




My mountain man and my sleeping beauty.


Our Rancho.


We had such a fabulous day and we’re pretty excited about getting our hiking season underway. Bring on the sunshine.

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  1. Love it!! I miss those days of putting Maddy on my back and going as far as I wanted to go!!!!! Enjoy because soon it is limited to how far she can hike!!! Such a beautiful trip and what a treat to see the wedding couple!!!!

  2. *Shepherd, my bad haha

  3. She’s adorable, and I can’t get enough of Rancho! Such an awesome looking Shepard!

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