My very first newborn photography session

Ya’ll get plenty of updates as to what my 18 month old has been up to. This post has nothing to do with her. Here’s a peek into what Mama has been up to lately.

If you didn’t know already, I’ve started my very own little photography business called Misty Jeanine Photography. Over the last few months I’ve been slowly but surely adding to my portfolio and gaining new and valuable experience photographing different sessions.

About a week and a half ago I photographed my very first newborn session with this beautiful 9 day old baby girl.

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I learned so much from the few hours I spent at my client’s house. Newborn photography is not as easy as it looks. A lot of patience, flexibility and time are key components to successfully completing a session. That… and extra wipes and towels to clean up poop (3 times) and pee accidents and spit up. I also think I want to try to set up a pop-up or mini set for these sessions in my house rather than traveling to the homes of my clients. I nearly filled my entire car (SUV) with props and materials for this session. Not having to do that, and then lug it all in, up some stairs, back down and out again…would be swell. I really hope I make this idea happen.

Logistics aside, it was pretty amazing to work with such a young life and a new family. Babies are something else. Holding this sweet little angel brought back lots of memories from when my Mia was born and when she was just a wee little infant. Capturing this early age is such a special opportunity that I get to be a part of. Lucky me!

I’d love some feedback, good and/or bad.

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  1. Misty, these are beautiful!!! I am absolutely IN LOVE with my newborn photos from the hospital (bellababyphotograhpy) because they are very boutiquey (new word) and these are right on par with those. I would DEFINITELY reccommend you for new born sessions!!! And I must say, Mike’s girls is gorgeous!!! ;)

  2. These are perfect!!! <3 I love the one with the puppy nose and her hand. So sweet.. they are so protective. Beautiful!!! And well done!!

  3. Oh, Misty! I could cry. Like seriously cry! Because these are so precious and I am so proud of you! I don’t even know why *I* am proud but maybe it’s just because you’re a budding photog like me and seeing such a gorgeous session just makes me weepy. As for criticism, it all positive baby. My favorite shots are these: Oh, the TOES!!!! <3 <3

    • If my clients have the same reaction to their photos as you did, I’m in great shape! I’m sending them off to them today. Thanks so much for your support. You continue to have the BEST comments ever :) I’m definitely pleased with how this turned out. I’ve got all kinds of ideas for future sessions and how to improve…and maybe even provoke more tears from my readers! ;) You’re awesome, thanks again.

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