First Swim with Uncle Chris

Last weekend, Mia had some special visitors over. Uncle Chris and Aunt Kristen came over for some pool time and some grillin’. It finally feels like summer here in southern California which means the pool is open for business.

Mia loves swimming with Daddy.


Notice the similar facial expressions?


It only took an afternoon for Mia to figure out how to successfully spin this flower pinwheel. At first, she would come find me and take my hand, leading me to it so that I could spin it for her. By the end of the afternoon outside, she was gently spinning it on her own. She claps, too, after each spin. So do I.


It’s Uncle time!


What do ya’ll think of her Juicy Couture swimsuit??? I love it! It was a birthday gift from my Aunt Judi. Thanks Judi, Mia looks great in her birthday suit….um, you get what I mean.


This was the first time that Mia and her Uncle Chris had swam together. I love firsts.


She loves handing out kisses.

chris swim Collage1

chris swim Collage2

Another one of Mia’s favorite outdoor activities is to scribble with sidewalk chalk. I recommend having these handy this summer for anyone with young kids. Just keep a close eye on ’em because this one tries to sneak these into her mouth. Yuck!


Thanks for spending the afternoon with us, Uncle Chris and Aunt Kristen (sorry I didn’t get any pics of you!…next time).

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