Fishy Family Fun!

Last week, Daddy Dom played hooky from work (Sshh, don’t tell his boss!) so that we could have a family day. He kept the destination a secret from me, but told me the morning we were getting ready to leave that I should wear comfortable clothes, that the temperature should be a tad cooler, the dogs are NOT going with us and that we’d be inside most of the day.  It just goes to show you that I know my husband (of 5 months) all too well because I knew just where he was taking us. He knew that I knew, and made me tell him on the way over. Surprise = squashed! Honey, we’re going to the Long Beach Aquarium!  It just goes to show you that my husband knows me all too well, because that’s one of my favorite places to visit. I love sea life and Marine Biology was one of my favorite classes at San Diego State University.  I wanted to be a Marine Biologist when I was a kid.

Of course, little 4 month old Mia is much too young to know what the heck is going on, let alone to remember anything from the day.  BUT…she’s so amazingly observant and curious these days and we knew that she’d be learning something in that super absorbent brain of hers.  There was so much to look at and Mia didn’t take her eyes off of all the excitement. We thoroughly enjoyed watching Mia’s curious face with each exhibit we came to, with each corner we turned. I can’t wait to bring her back next year when she’s walking.

Take a look at some of our memories in the making….





















Thank you, Daddy.  We love you and we love our family time together. So, what’s the next adventure? (Sshh…I already know what it is!)

What are some of YOUR favorite places to take your baby/kids?

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  1. Whhhaaa? Somehow I missed that you went to SDSU. I was there in 2007. I didn't take marine bio there but I did take oceanography there. And Ive never been to LB aquarium but used to go to Birch a lot. :)
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  2. I LOVE Mia's fishy face, SO CUTE! She looks absolutely amazed looking at the fishies. GREAT PICS!

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