*Dangit…it’s not cool to be a day late on posting when a specific day of the week is in the title! #bloggerfail*

It’s a glorious 80 degrees here in sunny southern California…yup, in FEBRUARY! And I’ve got no plans for the weekend. I’ve been itching for some fresh air and adventure and I think this weekend is the perfect time to mash those two together. Whatever it is we do, I’ll be sure to fill it with tons of love to celebrate Valentine’s Day. I hope you’re able to find opportunities (big or small) to share love with others and/or with yourself. Single? Be your own dang Valentine. Love yourself first, and prove it.

On to this week’s five finds…

  1. SWEETS: I came across this Pin of a mini video that shows how to make cake pops, four ways. I’ve never made these tasty treats before (and I love baking) so to help celebrate Valentine’s Day I’ll be trying this recipe out (the first one/white chocolate) this weekend with Mia as my helper. I’ll let you know how they come out.
  2. HAIR: Oh please let this hair tutorial of the “easiest updo ever” be just as easy as it looks. My hair is out of control (long and damaged) and I’m in need of a new hair style other than a low bun. I literally use the bun….and I’m just as sick of it as I’m sure my husband and all the parents at Mia’s preschool are. I haven’t attempted this updo, will give it a shot this weekend.
  3. TOMS: I stinkin’ love TOMS shoes, especially for toddlers and kids. Zulily is having a sale on TOMS right now (for kids, women and men) and it’s killing me to not buy a pair or two for Mia. Before she developed such a sassy little opinion, she’d gladly wear any shoe I picked out for her. Unfortunately for me, she’s totally over TOMS. And for no real reason other than she wants to live and sleep in her cowgirl boots! So I’m passing on this sale….for Mia. But lucky for me, I’ve got another girl who doesn’t know left from right or up from down right now (she’s 9 months old) so you bet your ass I’ll be buying Margo her first pair of TOMS as soon as I’m done writing this post. Hurry, because the sale ends in about 3 1/2 days from now.
  4. BINGING: Since my last television binge experience of Making a Murderer (#TeamAvery and I have 524 reasons to back that conclusion), I’ve just discovered a show that I can binge over at Netflix. Fixer Upper! Sure, it first aired on HGTV about a year ago, but it’s the first I’ve heard of it and I’m hooked. We currently don’t own our home and we daydream about the day when we hopefully will. We’ll most definitely be landing ourselves somewhere other than California when we make the big move, and this show pulls at that desire to get out of here and to finally create a home that embodies our style and personality. And land. We need land.
  5. BREAKFAST: On most weekends, I’ll make either pancakes or waffles from scratch.  This is my go-to blueberry pancake recipe. It’s amaze-balls. Quick, easy, always delicious. Guess what’s for breakfast tomorrow morning?


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