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I don’t know about you, but with each year that passes (and as I age) I find that my mailbox becomes fuller around the Christmas holiday.  Sure, with catalogs and ads and crazy sales to get you to buy, buy, buy…but also with delightful Christmas family photos and cards wishing me and mine the merriest and most joyful holiday.  I love seeing all the smiling faces and the cute pet moments captured on a postcard.  I’m thrilled at the idea that I’ll get to make one with Dominic, Mia and the dog next year.  And even before that, I’ll be sending out baby announcements most likely in May (she’s due April 22).  Here are some pretty adorable examples of different fun photo opportunities…

 This photo comes from a seriously talented photographer’s website.  Check out Hanna Mac Photography HERE

Totally cute idea for announcing that you’re pregnant, perhaps.  Can’t find the source, though :(

Photo via Tinyprints

How precious is this little cuddle bug, cuddling her teddy.  Photo via Inabitots

Using letters, words, symbols, and/or signs is a great and cute idea. Photo source here.

This perfect holiday card comes from a very stylish and adorable new mom’s blog, The Daybook.

I love the sofa in an unlikely place, idea.  Photo via All We Need is Amor

I love the sofa in an unlikely place, idea.  Photo via All We Need is Amor

You can snag this outfit on Etsy, here.

Capturing a fun moment and sharing it via a holiday card…clever :)  Photo via here

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