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It’s been a few days shy of TWO MONTHS since I’ve updated this here blog. I know, my eyeballs are bulging out of my face, too. Why such a long leave of absence? Honestly, it wasn’t planned and I don’t have any other reason other than just being pregnant (and all that comes with its 1st trimester glory) and being busy with life. I have to say, I’ve missed this space and sharing thoughts and updates here but at the same time, it’s been so nice to not feel like I have to meet “deadlines” and to not have one more thing that I have to do at the end of the day. Instead, I’ve filled that time with other things. Of course. So, I wasn’t really sure of where to begin, diving back into my blog again. So much has happened since October 9th (last blog post), what do I talk about first?

How about I start with some of those other things that have kept me oh-so-busy. I’ve already announced here that I opened up my own Etsy store. Since then, I’ve been moving and grooving to and from the fabric store and to and from my sewing machine. I’ve been creating items to fill that shop with. I’m also selling these items (along with a few others not listed) at two different holiday boutiques this weekend and the next. So since the holidays are right around the corner, I figured I’d take this opportunity to break the silence here on the blog, wipe away the cobwebs and shamelessly plug my little store.

As you can see below, I’ve got a few items available for the home (toss pillow covers), for baby (burp cloth sets), for mom/grandma/aunt (natural gemstone jewelry which is all handcrafted by my mom) and for toddlers (A-Frame Play Tents). Coming soon: Hair Bow Frames (they’re made, just need to photograph and input into the shop). I’m still working on coming up with items to make for guys and even pets. A little something for everyone on your list. This means you’ll have to visit my shop and “favorite” it, so you will always be updated with my new listings. Like I said, I’ve got lots of projects brewing in this large head of mine. No really, it’s a bit bigger than average which explains why my kid’s head has been in the 90th percentile for head size since birth.

Feel free to share my shop with friends and family and add this little image to your Pinterest board. You know what they say, “sharing is caring”.

etsy collage1

1/ 20″ x 20″ pillow covers  2/ A-Frame Play Tent for kids  3/ Handcrafted Natural Gemstone Jewelry  4/ Baby Burp Cloth Sets

 It feels good to be back, ya’ll. As my belly grows, my blogging will slow but I do hope to pop in at least once a week. There’s much to catch up on (Halloween, Thanksgiving, Portrait a Week Project, photography sessions, death, moving/relocating, my pregnancy, potty training, preschool and more…phew!). I’m so behind! Hope you didn’t forget about me :) I’m still pretty active on Instagram so feel free to follow along over there: @MomistaBeginnings

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  1. We miss you!!! I’ve kept my eye on your shop ;)

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