GIVEAWAY: Headbands With a Cause

Hey there, bookblogworms. It’s time for another REVIEW & GIVEAWAY!

Let me introduce you to Aleshia from Stitches for Sisters. Aleshia just recently created her business to honor the memory of her sister, Dani, who died at birth and for her cousin, Hannah, who was born 3 months early with Cerebral Palsy. I’m sure you can understand why causes that benefit preemies, babies and children with similar health issues are very close to her heart. Stitches for Sisters feature adorable, innocent and sweet little crocheted headbands over at their Etsy store. They donate 50% of every sale towards the purchase of materials to assemble items for donation to organizations who accept crocheted baby goodies.  Wow, right? How amazing is that!

Well, Stitches for Sisters contacted me recently to help them launch their great cause and organization. They so kindly sent me a headband for Mia to try out and review. Honestly, I had just been talking about how Mia needs another headband to decorate her pretty little head since we only have ONE that I like and that fits! Yup, my kid’s got a big head. The doctor told me she did before she was born. Anyways, I was pretty excited to receive such a special package in the mail, not only because it’s cute but because it carries with it such a meaningful purpose. Looking at it reminds me of Aleshia’s cause and how lucky I am to have my healthy baby with me, and how grateful I am to those like Aleshia for helping others in need.

My “hang loose” baby.hb1

You can custom order your headband, requesting your favorite colors and the correct size.  Stitches for Sisters is willing to work with you. They have infant, toddler and adult sizes.


I love the colors.  I’ve decided that Mia looks best in blues and purples.


This little rascal tried to get a hold of the camera….probably to taste it.


The headband ties in the back, which means it’s adjustable and will fit for longer as she grows.



Did someone say GIVEAWAY??? Yup, Stitches for Sisters is offering one of YOU readers a free headband of your choice!  Here are your 5 ways to win:

You’re allowed a maximum of 5 different entries (if you so choose to accept them)…

1) Visit Stitches for Sisters, pick the headband you’d choose and then leave me a comment on THIS post telling me about it (that’s comment #1)

2) Visit Stitches for Sisters and click the “Like” button for Facebook, then come back here and leave another comment on THIS post telling me that you did (that’s comment #2)

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There you have it, 5 DIFFERENT comments = 5 ways to win! This Giveaway ends Friday, September 21, 2012 at 10pm SPT, when the winner will be chosen at random.  Good luck!

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  1. Jackie Lewis says

    The Yellow Daisy Crochet Headband looks like sunshine. I like this good cause.

  2. I would choose the Pink Varigated Crochet Headband. These are lovely.

  3. Aw, the "purple headband with blue flower" is precious. I'd pick that one. What a touching cause. Thanks.

  4. I love the headband mia is wearing! She is so stunning, misty!! <3

  5. What a great cause! I love the blue and brown combo for my big headed girl! Thanks for the chance to win!

  6. Caitlin Hardeman says

    Purple Headband with Varigated Flower

    Great idea :)

  7. Hey Ladies, even though you already "like" us on facebook, you need to leave another message saying you do… i know I know cheesy but that's just what needs to be done. WE use a program that pics randomly from the comments left. So if you leave 5 comments the program has 5 more comments to choose from, if you leave only one then…well it only has one to choose from.

  8. Patience likes the purple headband w/ blue flower :)
    And we already "LOVE" Mamasita's Beginning's!

  9. love your giveaways! My favorite is the brown crocheted headband. (it was hard to pick….all cute)

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