GIVEAWAY: Winner! {Headbands With a Cause}

Let me start by giving those of you who entered the GIVEAWAY a big “thank you.”  You know, it’s participating in little events like these that not only help to spread the word about good products and people behind them but it also allows us, Momista Beginnings, to continue to be considered for reviews and giveaways. So keep on coming back to see what’s new and to show your support.

On the night of the giveaway’s end (Friday), Daddy Dom, Mia and I couldn’t wait to find out who won so we actually chose the winner IN BED!


It was as easy as looking up a website on my phone that picks a random number between 1 and (however many entries we had) and #1 was chosen!

That means CONGRATULATIONS to Kimmie!  You are the big winner, chicken dinner. You will be contacted shortly with the good news and also with the details on how to claim your prize from Stitches For Sisters.

Okay now here’s a secret sneaky peek into next week!.

Stay tuned for our next great REVIEW & GIVEAWAY from THIS COMPANY HERE!

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