Got Grass?

We do!

When we first moved into the house, the backyard was pool and dirt.  The previous renters didn’t want to pay for a high water bill, so they sacrificed their yard so they wouldn’t have to water anything.  We have 2 very playful dogs and they love to roll around and pounce in and out of that dirt.  Imagine what a chore it is to keep the inside of the house clean when they run on in and bring all that dirt in with them on a daily basis.  Our decision to put sod in the yard was partially based on reducing the amount of dirt tracked into the house and also because, well…it just looks so much nicer!  Who wants to be surrounded by brown?  Greenery makes for much better scenery :)  We’re off to a pretty good start at beautifying the yard.


Look at how HUGE Rancho is getting!

Thank you So-Cal Ponds (don’t mind the shameless advertising…yes, that’s my husband and his company) for putting the sod in!

When we checked the yard out the next day, we noticed that Rancho brought out every one of his toys and placed them (along with sticks and pieces of a box) all over the grass.  We let the bunny stay.

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