Halloween 2013 {Little Red Riding Hood}

This is my 5th year of putting together my family’s Halloween costumes, DIY style.

Curious to see the last 4 years of costumes? CLICK HERE! My favorite is from last year when I made an owl costume for my daughter’s first Halloween.

Now before I share with you our costumes from this year, I have something pretty special (to me, at least) to share with you…

┬áSo, my DIY tutorial on how to make the owl costume is circulating Pinterest and was getting major attention over the last month. Not only did it receive attention, but I actually inspired another mom to make the owl costume for her son this year! She emailed me with such a kind “thank you” and shared this sweet photo of her son, wearing the costume that I inspired.

owlcostumeSERIOUSLY, HOW COOL IS THAT!? And didn’t she do such an amazing job? She even changed hers a bit to make the wings detachable by adding snaps. Love it!

Receiving her email totally made my day…week…month! I’m so happy to have been a part of not only another family’s Halloween but this little one’s FIRST Halloween! The FIRST will be remembered forever and will always hold a bit more of a special place in your heart than the rest.

THANK YOU, Mama Owl, for sharing this with me. I appreciate this more than you know.

If anyone else attempted to make my owl costume, I’d LOVE for you to share with me how it went and some photos.

Okay, now for this year’s costume…

I originally chose a different theme for our family this year, one that I had never seen done before and one that would have taken me a lot of time to make. I did try to get an early head start on things but I was having trouble finding some necessary pieces to make it. And, having a very active and sometimes needy 18 month old doubles (triples, sometimes) the amount of time it takes me to get things done. Halloween was fast approaching and I decided to kick my original idea to the curb and made a last minute decision to go with a much easier theme that I knew I could do in time.

—Little Red Riding Hood—

I know, this theme has been done before and isn’t original but I think it’s cute and more importantly…easy! It only took me one morning (a few hours) to pretty much find every piece I needed for this costume. I hit up a local thrift store and found 85% of my materials for under $20. I spent about $10 at the fabric store and maybe $10 at the pharmacy. This was the cheapest family costume for us so far with a grand total of $40 for the 3 of us.

Yes, I saved money and time on this year’s costume…but…I have to admit that I felt like a bit of a failure. I had been looking forward (ever since last year) to making a really impressive and mostly hand made costume for us this year. I love being crafty and creative, I thrive on it. This year, my husband’s costume is the only one I actually made. The other costumes were put together from found items, pretty much. I know that most people don’t hand make their entire costume and that no one is out there judging you on just how much time and effort you put into yours, but this is something that I like and want to do each year and I kind of let the ball drop this time. I’m hoping to do my original idea next year, though (which is why I’m not telling ya what it is. Surprise!).

So here we are: Daddy Dom as the big, bad wolf. Mommy as the grandmother. Mia as Little Red Riding Hood.


We started our night cruising through a nearby town’s little “Halloween Spooktacular.” Basically, their main street gets blocked off from cars and the businesses of that street hand out candy to the hundreds of trick-or-treaters and their families. Even though being surrounded by so many people gives me a little anxiety, it’s so fun and neat to see all of the adorable, creative and comical costumes on not just the kids but on the adults and pets, too. It’s also fun running into friends and acquaintances (which we did. Oh and I ran into some of my past students and their families).

Here’s a little fun fact: The street that you’re looking at below is the same one that “Frank the Tank” goes streaking on in the movie Old School. This town/street is often the location for many movies and TV shows.


h Collage1My “Grandmother” costume consists of: long night gown ($2.99) from a thrift store, my crocheted UGGS (shown above), foam curling rollers and a can of silver hair spray (both from the pharmacy), grey face paint & paint brush (for forehead and “frown line” wrinkles).


Daddy Dom’s “Big Bad Wolf” costume consists of: brown hoody ($1.99) and brown corduroy pants ($5.99) from the thrift store, faux fur fabric from the fabric store, black pipe cleaners, felt (black, white and yellow), fabric glue, needle & thread and safety pins.


The felt mentioned above was used to make the eyes, nose and teeth for the wolf, which I glued to the hood of the sweatshirt using fabric glue.

The ears were made by cutting out felt into 2 triangle shapes per ear (total: 4) and were glued together with a few pieces of pipe cleaner in between, to make them stand up and more pliable. Faxu fur fabric was cut into the shape of triangles (2 per ear, total: 4) and glued to the front and back of the felt ears. I then hand stitched them on the hood of the sweatshirt.

The whiskers are made from 3 pipe cleaners. Each one is woven into the hood through 2 holes, cut on both sides of the nose.

The teeth were cut from white felt and hand stitched (could be glued) onto the “border” of the top of the hood and some teeth were glued to the “neck” area of the hood as well.

The faux fur “vest” was made from a single yard of fabric. I folded it in half and cut out a half-circle from the folded side where Daddy Dom’s head would come out of. I thought of a poncho when I was making this. Then, I put the fabric on Daddy Dom (poncho style) and simply pinned both sides of the fabric together in only one location under each arm, to keep the fabric from flapping and to make it look like a “vest”. There was no sewing involved in making this faux fur vest.

You could take this costume a few steps further by adding a tail to the back of the costume (which I did not do) and some white claws (made from felt, like the teeth) the “cuffs” of the sweatshirt (which I did not do, either).


Mia’s costume was also found at a thrift store. We had found a few other pieces that didn’t actually go together from a different thrift store, but Grandma came across this matching costume (dress and hood) last minute. It was perfect. All that was done to her costume was some hemming (by Grandma) to the sleeves since it was a bit big on her. The red, glitter Vans (shoes) were found at Nordstrom’s Rack months before Halloween but just so happened to be perfect for her costume.

h Collage2You’ll have to excuse some of my blurry/out-of-focus photos. I used my lens that I have to manually focus (mistake) and being that it was night time and very dark, I could barely see the subjects I was photographing through the eye hole, let alone successfully focus in on them. The photo below is of Mia’s first glance at Grandma, dressed up as a witch. She was uneasy at first, uncertain if that was really her grandma.



h Collage3


Mia’s Aunt Lisa (Dom’s sister) made a special appearance, too!


Here we are, making our way to the residential area below to go trick-or-treating at some houses for the very first time. Dom’s dad came out that night, too. Unfortunately, I didn’t get a photo of him and Mia together (fail) but you can see part of him in the photo below/right walking next to Aunt Lisa with the reddish hat on. Sorry Grandpa!

h Collage4

And last, but not least, Uncle Chris showed up! By this time, Mia was a bit worn out and only wanted Grandma to hold her. She cried and screamed when anybody else tried. Uncle Chris was a good sport about it, though.

h Collage5

Below is Mia’s very first house that she trick-or-treated and got candy from.


Overall, Halloween 2013 was successful. Mia didn’t get what was going on but she loved people watching and getting candy. Next year she’ll know how to say “trick or treat” and will hopefully approach houses willingly and will hopefully give Grandma a break by letting others hold her (or even better, not be held at all!).

Before you go, don’t forget to…




  1. Such a cute little red riding hood and big bad wolf!

  2. Ahhhh! You guys looked fantastic. This is nothing to be disappointed about — seriously adorable! And congrats on the success of your DIY owl post, I love that one, too…! XOXO

    • Thanks and thanks! I’m happy with how the costumes turned out and I’m stoked over inspiring another owl costume! I’m not saving lives or anything, but I still made a bit of a positive difference in someone else’ life and will be forever in their memories…which is a pretty powerful thing, I think :) Your little Roman looked super handsome as well :)

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