Halloween from the pond!

I think we may be the first family ever to use this theme as their Halloween inspiration for costumes this year. Well, I can at least say that I didn’t come across any others (or anything remotely close) while searching for ideas via Pinterest and Google. So, I’m going out on a limb and announcing ourselves as the first…so there.

This idea may be original out there in the world of family themes but it’s not all that original for us. Daddy Dom is the head honcho of his own pond company so the concept of our theme is a pretty obvious one for us. We were all elements of a pond! Mia was the adorable lily on a lily pad, I was a koi fish and Dad was the pond maintenance man.

I made mine and Mia’s costumes with some help from my mom (always the life saver). Dad’s costume was basically what he wears on a daily basis so that didn’t take a bit of work to put together (whew!).

Mia seriously loves Daddy’s business and talks about it often. She recognizes his company logo and always says “So-Cal Ponds!” every time he wears his shirt, hat, or when she sees a business card, his website or truck. We knew she wouldn’t mind playing along with this theme so we went for it and we were right. Since the start of my costume creating, she would tell everyone who would listen about our theme and what each of us were going to be. There’s nothing wrong with a little shameless advertising for the family business, right?

Here’s a quick little description of how I put the costumes together. This isn’t meant to be a complete “step-by-step”, but if you like what you see and want to try to recreate something similar, feel free to contact me with any questions.

Mia’s lily + lily pad costume:

DSC_0942 copy-2 DSC_0947 copy-2

-Her tutu was handmade and super simple! All I needed was a piece of elastic measured to fit around her waist, and plenty of tulle that was cut into strips and tied close together to fill the elastic. I hand cut all of the white petals for the lily out of felt. I used a piece of cardboard for a stencil to make each layer of petals the appropriate size. Each petal was doubled with 2 pieces of felt and I glued 2 parallel pipe cleaners in the center of each to make them firm and bendable. I used strong fabric glue, by the way. After the petals were cut and glued together, each one was sewed (thanks Mom!) with only a few stitches into the inside of the tutu’s waistband, one layer at a time.

-I ordered her green tights and her nude bodysuit online. We already had a pair of green Toms (shoes) that matched the tights perfectly. To ornate the bodysuit, I made a few insect pins to attach to it. Looking back, I should have made more. It seemed too bare and simple. I made a dragonfly and bee pin for both front and back out of felt and other random materials I had laying around. The last item I made was a dragonfly headband. I took a headband that we already had, wrapped it with a long piece of felt (hot glued it on) and then made a dragonfly out of felt (and other random materials: pipe cleaner, fabric, jewels…) and hot glued it onto the headband.

My koi fish costume:

DSC_1018 copy-2


-First, I found the white hoodie at a thrift store for a couple of bucks. I went for a more loose fitting top since I was just barely starting to show my baby bump and was feeling more “fat” than “pregnant”. I wanted to conceal it so that explains the oversized shirt. I already had the pair of white leggings lying around that I hadn’t used in years so I was willing to “ruin” them for the sake of Halloween

-I laid out the top and leggings and used orange acrylic paint to create the koi’s signature markings. I placed a piece of cardboard on the inside of the top and leggings so the paint wouldn’t bleed through to the other side. Once it was completely dry, I did the same thing to the other side of both pieces of clothing.

-I used white felt (doubled it using fabric glue) to create fins and a tail, which I placed on my arms/sleeves and on the ankles/calves of the leggings. I glued them onto the clothing and they stuck just fine.

-To complete the look, I used a pair of fishnet stockings (the net size was too big in my opinion. A finer net would have been better) to cover my face while I sponged white face paint on my face. The goal was to create the look of scales. I used orange face paint to add some koi markings and attempted to give myself fish lips. I was short on time at this point to head out for trick or treating and I didn’t try out the make-up prior to the big day, so I was a bit rushed and kept whatever came to be on the first attempt that night. I’d improve the face paint if I were to do this costume again, ever.

Dominic’s pond maintenance man costume:

DSC_0995 copy-2

-Like I said, he wore what he does on a daily basis. He wore his company’s shirt, hat, a pair of work pants and work boots. In his hands he carried a bucket and a net (both used on the job). It doesn’t get easier or more comfortable for him than that!

Unfortunately, we didn’t take a family photo that night of us all together. Like I said, we were a little rushed to get out of the door. I’m kicking myself about that now. OH WELL!

The night was great. We met up with friends who had kids that Mia knew. It was her first year actually walking door-to-door on her own and she nailed it (um, after a few warm-up houses). Once she saw what the other kids were doing, she caught on to the whole process. I had worried that she wouldn’t speak up for her candy once at the door, but she surprised me there with her big “Trick-Or-Treat” call. She also made me proud with a kind “Thank You” after each house and a “Happy Halloween” at a few of them.

DSC_0997 copy-2

What a fun and memorable night it was and I’m already looking forward to next year! Oh man, there will be 4 of us. That means one extra costume to make which means I’ll have to start the creative process on our theme by….um, now?

Oh and I forgot to mention: I get that this post is nearly 3 months late, but my first trimester really got the best of me and I’m trying to make up for my long absence here on the blog. #sorrynotsorry

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  1. Thanks for posting better late than never! Our latest idea is for my toddler Lillian to be a Lily pad, and her brother will be a frog. You’re right that it’s not a common costume, but this is adorable!

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