Happy Birthday, Daddy-O!

It’s my husband’s birthday, today. He’s not a fan of his birthday because he thinks he’s getting old. Older, yes. But old? I disagree. In my opinion, he’s in his prime of life but we both agree to disagree on that subject matter. I digress. So I was about to say that just because today isn’t his most favorite day, that doesn’t mean that we can’t do a few nice things for the main man in my and Mia’s life.

With Mia’s help, I made a cute little questionnaire that’s all about Daddy.  Mia’s not quite old enough yet to answer all the questions I wanted to ask her but she understood more than I thought she would.  Every year on his birthday, I’m going to ask Mia a series of questions about her Daddy and record them. With each new year, she’ll be older and will answer differently. I think it will be so fun to collect years of these questionnaires to look back on all of the cute and silly answers that she came up with and to see how her personality and thought process have changed.

Daddy's Birthday 2014

I got a card for him from the dogs and one from myself (which, btw, brought tears to his eyes with the personal message I wrote on the inside. Winning!)

We also went out for a lovely dinner at one of his favorite Mexican restaurants with his sister (thanks, Lisa!).

I had planned on making some chocolate chip cookies but ran out of time and will be making them tomorrow. I know, cookies? Although delicious they’re not the typical birthday treat that one would receive. And it’s nothing like the “Outdoorsman’s Birthday Cake” that I made for him last year (which gets all kinds of Pinterest attention, btw). But whatever, cookies sound good and I’m trying a new recipe…so beggars can’t be choosers. You’ll take what I make and you’ll like it.

I hope you had a decent birthday, Daddy Dom. Sure, you spent a good portion of it working but you also got to come home to a loving family who couldn’t be more proud of you for how far you’ve come and for how far you continue to reach. There’s so much to be thankful for, to look forward to and to look back on fondly. I can’t wait to see where we are in another year from now. We love you, mucho!

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  1. Tooooo cute!!

  2. Again ;)
    Thank you for the night and everything you do my dear. I love and appreciate you!!!!

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