Here, Fishy Fishy {Miss Misty’s Art Class}

I taught this project to my 4 year old students. It was really simple and I love the outcome.  I usually base my art projects off of actual paintings by real and famous artists.  This one is not the case because it’s tricky to find an artist inspired project for 4 year olds, most of them having trouble even holding a pencil correctly.  This is just about making some cute and colorful fish.


The artists 1) first chose either orange, red or yellow cardstock to draw their 2 fish on.  I had them use pencil to draw their 2 fish, beginning with the round, oval shape for the body.  I had them add a fin on top and bottom of the body, and a tail on one end.  The details inside the fish are simple and are composed of a curved line that stretches from the top to the bottom of the fish, dividing its scales from its face.  One eye and a smile are drawn on the face.  A straight, horizontal line is drawn across the center of the fish from tail to face.  Scales and other detailed lines are added last.  I have the students turn their fish so that it’s facing north on a compass, and then explain that scales look like the letter “U” when drawing them in this direction. 2) Once the drawings are done, the artists used a black crayon to outline every pencil line and then I cut out their fish with scissors.  3)The watery background is done using a bright blue sheet of cardstock and silver and white tempera paint.  They painted dots, curved lines, swirls and wavy lines throughout the paper and let it dry.  The students also added gold tempera paint to some of the fish’s scales to give it a glittery and shiny appearance. 4) Once the waves were dry, the fish were then glued to the water and left to dry between 2 heavy books to prevent curling of the papers.


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