The Homies: We’re nominated again!

the homiesUm, heck yeah! Apartment Therapy (one of my favorite sites) is hosting their 6th annual Homies Award. What’s that? Well it’s their linkfest celebration of great blogs from a variety of different categories. I’m nominated for favorite family and kids blog!

The Homies isn’t a competition as much as it’s about celebration and discovery of some pretty cool and talented blogs/bloggers. That’s what I love about it, I love finding new gems to follow and I already have. Just from their list so far, I’m the newest follower of: Under The Sycamore, A Lovely Lark, Dear Baby, and Little Baby Garvin. Two other blogs that I already follow and love who are also listed are: OhDearDrea and Bleubird.

Now if you’re reading this here post, then I’m assuming you’re a follower or fan of my blog. It would mean the world to me to get a vote from you! For a week, blogs are nominated and voted for. Then, the top 10? or 5? are chosen and then voted for again for the win! You’ll have to sign up with your email account to vote, but it’s easy and quick and I know you can spare a few minutes to put a big fat smile across my face, right? Just click on the link here to be taken to the list of nominated blogs to look for MOMISTA BEGINNINGS, and to discover a few more favorite bloggers to follow :)

Thanks, blogworms!!!

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  1. Congrats, Misty! x

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