How do WE beat the heat in SoCal?

The heat rolls in, pretty much like it does each summer, and the TV news programs just about flip their lids! I appreciate the temp forecast, but I could do without the random civilian interviews on predictable reactions to the heat.  Let me guess, the interviewee is…hot? Wow!  What was that, they try to stay inside with the air conditioning on?  Unheard of!  Thank you news crew for that riveting interview.  I thought I was the only one who reacted to heat that way!  What else might the people do on these scorching hot days?  Swim!  That’s my fascinating way of dealing with it. 

Last Saturday, we had a few people (and their kiddos) over to swim, eat, drink and be merry. Mia got her 2nd little experience in the water, skinny dipping. She loved the water.  We went out and bought some water diapers and a bathing suit a few days later for her next swim.

week16 017

 week16 013

Even the dogs went for a dip. Roxi kept chomping at Rancho’s face each time he tried exiting the pool.  He tried to avoid her by doing a few laps in the water until Roxi left the stairs.

week16 110

There were popsicles shared…

 week16 030

week16 026

…some parent bonding…

week16 042

 week16 086

week16 048

week16 050

…some “auntie” bonding…

week16 064 …pool hose splashing…

week16 076

…and some baby gf’s bonding…

week16 136

  LEFT: My Mia at almost 4 months … RIGHT: Kaylee at almost 8 monthsweek16 154

week16 157There you have it.  I’m sure every weekend that we’re home, we’ll be taking full advantage of our pool and space to welcome friends.

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  1. Haha.. those were real cute! Miss Mia is going to be a pro swimmer by 1!

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