How I announced our 2nd pregnancy to family and friends

In case you missed it, we’re expecting our 2nd child in the beginning of April, 2015! At this point I’m about 12 weeks pregnant. I first made the announcement HERE a few weeks ago to the online world using a really cute “big sister” book. The post includes the link to where you can find the same book, btw.

I took my at-home pregnancy test on a Saturday afternoon. I was supposed to have started my period on that day and I hadn’t yet and I’m always on time. I wasn’t even feeling cramping which I normally experience a day or two before I start. Since Dominic and I were trying for our 2nd, I had taken a pregnancy test about a week before but received a negative reading. I didn’t realize it at the time, but it was just too early to tell and I had jumped the gun. Now that it was a week later and my intuition was tugging at me to take another test, I thought that I should to be safe and obviously, I was right. Little did Mia or Daddy Dom know, while they were swimming and splashing around in the swimming pool, that they were about to find out that they were going be a big sister and a father of two!


Within the hour of discovering our exciting news, I took the pictures of Mia and our announcement below. I had to bribe her with a Hershey’s Kiss (which is in her hand) to pose for them. I used these photos to announce the news to close friends and family by mailing a single one to them. It was fun receiving texts and calls as they each received them.

I also used these photos to announce the news to our parents. Pictures of Mia are always a constant request from both my mom and Dom’s. However, I never print any up for them (I know, awful). So…I took this opportunity to print a fat stack of them (I take A LOT of photos) and I used them in the reveal.

For my mom, I was able to surprise her in person with the photos. I handed her the stack and I put the photos below with our announcement at the very bottom of the stack. I sat with her as she looked at each photo. When she reached the bottom, she had the announcement photo in hand and sort of read the words under her breath as she was about to move it back to the bottom to get to the next photo. She totally did a double take and said, “What!?”, as she brought the photo closer to her face to look at it again. “Are you serious?? Really?? You are???” She was most definitely surprised which is exactly the kind of reaction I was hoping for.

Dominic’s mom lives out of state so we weren’t able to see her reaction, but I mailed her the same stack of photos that I gave my mom. I included a little note that told her the photos were in chronological order (which they were) so she hopefully wouldn’t shuffle through them. I’m sure she was just as surprised as my mom was. I think this kind of reveal is a great idea for family that doesn’t live nearby.


Because this is our 2nd pregnancy, it was important to me to include Mia in the reveal process. And besides, she’s much cuter than Dominic and I so it just made sense to put her in photos rather than us.

And I know that I started spreading the news a little earlier than most people do these days, but a pregnancy is a pregnancy. A life is a life, whether it reaches full term and has a healthy birth or not. My feeling is that he or she deserves to be celebrated, no matter how many days or weeks old he/she is. Please note that in no way do I judge parents that choose to wait until the 1st trimester is complete, to each their own, but this is just my personal belief on the matter. And also Dominic and I are crappy at keeping secrets so we just couldn’t wait any longer.


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  1. You have a very lovely baby girl and congrats on your coming baby. I exactly know how it feels to announce a new gift coming, another gift of happiness!

    I would say these pictures are rather lovely and better shots than those professional takes.

    I love reading this blog and please keep us updated Mama Mia.

  2. This is so adorable, and I couldn’t be more thrilled for you! I remember the pain of waiting twelve weeks to tell my co-workers and it was horrible. I think (if it ever happened again) I would just tell everyone sooner as well!

  3. I absolutely love your perspective on announcing a pregnancy at any point and time. Amen to that! :)

  4. So happy for you guys!!! What a cute announcement idea! I also wonder how women who wait until like 20 weeks to announce their pregnancies can hold their secrets so long!!!! I’m the worst with secrets :)

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