How To Draw A Nutcracker

In celebration of the holiday season upon us, I had my 2nd graders draw a nutcracker in my art class. Here are the steps we followed. Note that, of course, there are variations along the way. My students were given different options and ideas on how to personalize their own drawing, making it different from everyone else. Some altered the crown, drew different textured hair, a much curlier mustache, different buttons on the jacket and even a slightly different shaped head. Customize yours however you please.


I used pastel/charcoal paper since pastels are used on the final step.

Notice that each step is color coded for your convenience (red, orange, green, blue).

  I gave my students step #1 so they knew where to place their crown on their paper and about how large to make it.nut1 nut2 nut3 nut4



nut6 nut7 nut8


I did step #29 for my students. I traced their drawings with a black ink pen. At this age, I don’t feel they’re quite ready to do this on their own. They don’t have the smoothest hand, which leads to wobbly lines and also ink blots where they paused while drawing.

nut10  They colored the nutcracker with colored pencils. The background was filled in with pastels.


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