I Confess. I Celebrate (Daily)…

  • …my single cup of coffee, first thing in the morning. Seriously, I look forward to this moment the night before while I’m getting ready for bed! Oh, it’s so good when it hits your lips.
  • …the peaceful and quiet me time that I get almost every morning before Mia wakes up around 8:30-9:00am. Not only do I get to enjoy my coffee (mentioned above) but I usually will check my email, take care of any bills and read through my blog feed on Bloglovin’, uninterrupted. Some mornings, I might even get a workout in. I’ve been very lucky having a kid that never wakes up at the crack of dawn. Black-out curtains, my friends. Black-out curtains.
  • …that moment after washing dishes when I’m able to fit/stack every single dish into the dish rack. Maybe playing Tetris as a kid wasn’t a waste of time after all. A simple morning victory.
  • …at the end of a morning workout because I actually didn’t hit the snooze button and I actually put on my workout clothes and I actually stumbled my way into my garage and I actually built up a decent sweat and raised my heartbeat while walking/jogging on my treadmill. Insert increase of endorphins and a very big sense of accomplishment.
  • …after any of my daughter’s feedings that surprisingly lasts less than 30 minutes to get everything chewed up and down the hatch. Out of her 3 daily meals, there’s usually only one that’s quick and easy. This one gets a few high-fives at the end and a big hug and kiss to get the message across that Mommy loves a good eater. Ain’t no one got time for that!
  • …the sight of clear water in the toilet after “nature calls.” TMI? Welp, it’s true. Drinking enough water a day isn’t my thang and I’ve been making a big effort lately to increase my water intake. Clear water means a healthier and happier me. We’re in the clear!
  • …when I check my blog’s dashboard and stats to see I have a new comment (or a few) waiting for me to approve. I love getting feedback on the blog and it’s nice to know that people are actually reading it. I always try to return the favor, even if it does take me a few days to do it. So thanks, blogworms!
  • …when I check things off of my To-Do-List. I always have lists around, which help me organize the never-ending list of ideas and chores and priorities that I’ve got fumbling around in my head. Physically crossing off items from my tangible list gives me a little burst of relief and pride for getting things done. Insert mini-happy-dance.
  • …pretty much anytime my 2 year old speaks and I can understand her. That’s huge! I’m thinking, “Wow, I made that. And she’s thinking and talking and forming ideas and opinions already. She’s a person, now!” I’m always in awe of this whole people making and growing thing, too many times in a day to count. This explains the dozens of hugs and kisses that I smother this kid with everyday. PDA all the way!
  • …getting a shower in before Mia wakes up. If it’s going to happen, then it’s got to be done before Daddy Dom heads off to work, too (in case the kid wakes up while I’m showering). My day always begins better when I start it off so fresh and so clean, clean.
  • …in the immediate few minutes that follow putting my daughter down for her nap. There’s nothing like feeling every bone in your body relax and loosen after closing the door to her room. For the next 2 1/2 to 3 hours, I’m kid free. It’s just the little break I need to regroup and regain my energy, patience and sanity to take on the rest of the evening once she wakes up. I’m such a fan of naps and it gives me a little anxiety to think that I have less than year before she grows out of them. Until then, I’m milking every minute I get to myself that I can.
  • …when the mailman brings me something addressed to me other than junk mail or bills. Even better, a visit from the UPS guy. The sight of that brown truck always makes my heart flutter. Okay, and so does my husband’s truck when he pulls up from work in the evening. But…he takes a close second. Sshh.
  • …at the sight of my husband coming into the house from the backyard, carrying a basket of fresh eggs from our chickens and a handful of freshly picked vegetables from the garden (tomatoes, potatoes, zucchini, green beans). The quality, taste and texture of home grown produce doesn’t even compare to store bought. It’s a treat to cook up the fruits of Daddy Dom’s labor and serve it to my family.
  • …over the sounds of “mmmmms” coming from my daughter and husband while eating a home cooked dinner that I “slaved away over” all evening long. Icing on the cake is when my 2 year old actually eats it all without protest and when Daddy Dom heads back for seconds. Gives me that warm and fuzzy.
  • …when I actually complete all 5-7 loads of laundry in just one day. These days are rare so I’m extra impressed with myself when it happens.
  • …the goodness that is my home made ice cream that I’ve just been recently whipping up. We just bought an ice cream maker and most nights, the husband and I (sometimes Mia) enjoys a small bowl. Making your ice cream is so cool! I kind of feel like a magician, turning few ingredients into deliciousness. Presto! Oh, and yes I’ll be blogging about my recipes soon.
  • …when it only takes one attempt to throw my hair up into a messy bun. Anyone else out there who sometimes takes 7 tries before it’s perfect good enough? So obnoxious.

Exciting life, right? Man, what a difference having a kid makes when determining what makes a good day around here. Of course, we see days that bring greater cause for celebration like ones with birthdays, promotions, anniversaries, another milestone for Mia, a debt finally paid off, the completion of a long term goal, a pregnancy or engagement announcement, etc. But those are all obvious reasons and occasions to be stoked about and they never go unnoticed. And on a smaller scale, there are days when Mia and I make it out of the house for a fun activity or a pretty sight to see, or I have a friend or two visit us in the afternoon, or Grandma hangs out with us for a bit, or I take Mia with me to run errands without any fuss. Those moments are celebrated, too. But what my bulleted list above highlights are my daily, mini reasons to rejoice that are celebrated internally and almost subconsciously. They are the daily simplicities that may seem to be everyday and nothing at all when in fact they’re everything when it comes to boosting my mood. It’s those little things in my day that keeps me feeling better than a cold beer on a Friday night. And speaking of Friday’s, that day alone is reason enough for an internal happy dance.

Sure, there are also struggles and disappointments and flat out failures each day. We all experience those moments but that doesn’t mean we all have to dwell on them. Of course, a good cry now and again or an occasional day of bumming out is needed to get the negativity out of your system but that’s exactly where it needs to and should go…out! And what better way to kick it all to the curb than by acknowledging all of the daily positive moments, giving them the spotlight and filling up our thoughts with them so that there’s no room (or at least very little room) for the crap.

If you’ve noticed a trend with your attitude lately being more cranky and irritable than usual, I’d bet that taking the time to break down your day to find all of the little moments that make you happy will give you a new and improved outlook on life. Make a list of them. You may be surprised with just how much there is to celebrate each day.


“Celebrate” is the August writing prompt of The Mommy Blogger Collective. In addition to a monthly writing prompt, the collective hosts a monthly blogger featurette. This month we are featuring Nicole of Rose Runs Wild. A few words from Nicole — Hi! I’m Nicole from Rose Runs Wild! I’m mama to a teenager, wife to my handsome husband and dog mama to our bulldog and pit bull. I work full time and blog in my free time. I love wearing black and white, plants, doughnuts, crappy pop music and working on our home we just recently bought! My blog is basic, it’s just about our life. The good, the bad and the ugly. I try to share as honestly as I possibly can in hopes that one or two other people out there don’t feel so alone. Life is rough, life is beautiful and it’s all about connection through the highs and the lows. That’s all I’m really trying to do, connect and share. And take lots of cute photos of my son (in the rare moment he lets me) and my dogs of course! Connect with Nicole here: Instagram // Pinterest // Bloglovin // Twitter // Tumblr.

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  1. Love, love, love this post!! It’s true, so many little things to celebrate daily!

  2. Love this!! Oh how I miss that feeling of putting Eva down to nap knowing the next 2 hours will be peaceful. And that feeling of having “me” time in the morning. I actually have some right now but it’s because baby #2 woke up screaming at 6:45 and pretty much went down as soon as I picked him up with no feeding or anything and now I can get back to sleep. Lol. I, too, look forward to my morning caffeine before I go to sleep. I always know it will be a successful day if I get to sip and finish it before one of the kids gets up (which rarely happens anymore with the baby).

  3. I love your cooking…. ;)

  4. I love this post! I loved reading your little celebrations of the day – these little things make me happy too! What a great approach to the prompt. :)

  5. Those are awesome reasons to celebrate. And I love that coffee is on the top. I celebrate my morning coffee too. :)

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