If The Ring Fits…

Wear it!

finally fits!

We got engaged the night before Thanksgiving in 2011 and I was about 4 months pregnant.  I was able to wear and enjoy my engagement ring for only a few months before it had to go due to increased baby weight. I had little sausages for fingers.

I’ve never worn my wedding ring. Wait, that’s not true. The day we got married, I had it on for about 15 minutes from the time that Dominic had to twist and push and force it on my finger during our vows (which made us giggle at the “altar”) until the time we went outside the court house and I had to yank it off. I was about to turn to the jaws of life to free my sausage finger, or amputation. I had to get it off ASAP, my finger was turning purple from it squeezing my circulation off. Since that day, it’s been sitting in it’s slick little box on my dresser. Lame.

15 days ago, Dominic and I went out for the evening to my boss’ 60th surprise party (notice in the photo below that I’m wearing the same dress that I wore when we got married? Yeah, it’s the only nice dress that I have that fits me right now. Lame!). A lot of our staff and parents were to be there, so Dominic asked me to try on my rings (again) before we left the house. I was like, “Oh I don’t know if diamonds really go with my ensemble for the evening….” Yeah right!!! More like, “Great idea, Hubby!” I shoved these two on my chubby finger and they actually fit for the first time in over 6months. I was pleasantly surprised because I haven’t lost any weight since Mia was born. In fact, I’ve gained 5 pounds!!! EEeek. Darn you, pregnancy diet that I don’t want to give up! Anyways, they sparkled so brilliantly that night and brought out the twinkle in my eyes. I was proud and happy to be wearing them.


Well, since then I haven’t taken them off. Pretty much because I’m afraid I won’t be able to. And if I do get them off, I doubt I’ll be able to get them back on. They don’t fit perfectly. There’s still a little squeeze going on. They make my finger look like it has a “muffin top.” As long as my fingers don’t get any bigger, I have no reason to remove them again…ever.

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  1. Mac has been alive for 4 1/2 yrs. My ring still doesn't fit. I'm not much different in weight… my fingers are way more sausage like now though than they were before.

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