I’m Pregnant!!

This comes as a surprise.

Well, not completely a surprise, since I know the story of the birds & the bees…but still this news was unexpected and unplanned. My boyfriend (yes, I said boyfriend) and I found out 11 days ago by taking 2 home pregnancy tests, and then a blood test the next day. Positively positive.I broke the news to my mom the morning of the blood test, and to my step-dad that evening. This was a tough and uncomfortable conversation to have. Mixed feelings of disappointment and concern and support were shared…and understandably so.My boyfriend, Dominic, and I have known each other for 6 years, and been together for 2 years (whoa, I just realized that TODAY is our anniversary….good one). We don’t live together, but have been discussing plans to save $$ and find a house to rent together for MONTHS now. Obviously, these plans have now been bumped up to the top of the To-Do-List. So has an engagement.Dominic has been working on a plan for a while now to ask me to marry him, and I know this because he flat out tells me…with a smirk on his face. I’ve expressed my feelings to him that I want him to do this when “the time is right” and when HE wants to do it, but at the same time, it would be easier to tell people that we’re expecting a baby if I at least had a ring on my finger. So, what is a girl to do but wait :)

Only a handful of people know about the exciting news…yes, I’m excited…and nervous, unsure, relieved (that I’m not infertile), happy, calm, anxious, curious. Our friends have sent supportive and excited messages to us, which feels pretty darn good I must say. My younger brother, the Uncle of this lil’ Tater-Tot (that’s what we’re calling the baby for now), was surprisingly happy for me. That was a relief. Actually, I haven’t even told anyone about this blog yet…I’m waiting to announce it after my first doctor’s appointment coming up in 5 days. Gotta make sure everything’s legit and ok before freaking more people out with…I’m pregnant! :)

Literally, the day that I took the home pregnancy tests, I bought this adorable pack of “gowns” from┬áTarget, along with these mommy books and some pre-natal vitamins. I display these gowns in my room as a constant reminder to save every penny that I can and to keep my priorities in line so that this baby gets everything it needs.

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