Jumpin’ Mia Bean

We’ve added a new piece of baby equipment to our collection over the weekend.  We were browsing Babies R Us when we spotted the jumpers.  We both decided that it was time to get Mia something new, something that would intrigue her and get her thinking.  She’s been so observant and wide-eyed lately, and very hands-on.  We needed to spice up her life a little and a jumper just seemed like the perfect thing to do it.  We tested one out, right in the store, right on the shelf.

babiesrus jumper1

This is not the one we chose, though.  Instead, we bought the Baby Einstein Musical Motion 2-in-1 Stationary Jumper & Entertainer!!!  The seat was softer than the other jumper and this one has 3 shape buttons that tell you the name and color of them in English, Spanish and French when you press them.  They also play classical music.  We were sold.

week17 013

As soon as we got home, we assembled it.  Now because I know my daughter, I just knew that she wasn’t going to be 100% sold on the thing right away.  I was right, she needed some convincing that this was the coolest thing in her life right now.  She was curious and content for a few minutes after saddling up, but it wasn’t long until  she was fussing and squealing because she couldn’t get those darn stationary toys into her mouth!  That’s where everything goes these days and she got so frustrated that she just couldn’t get a taste.  She calmed down a bit after I put her pacifier in.  I know that it will take some time for her to accept this new foreign object in our living room and for her to figure it out.  She was the same way with the swing when we first got it, but it’s proven itself to be a lifesaver time and time again.

week17 014

week17 023week17 038

It’s a cool thing, being able to provide my baby with a little activity center that I know is making her mind work double-time.  Watching her study every single curve, surface, color, sound, texture and object on the her new jumper is so rewarding because I know she’s getting smarter by the minute.  She’s feeling new emotions, thinking new thoughts, expressing new reactions, all while sitting in that little seat.  I really can’t wait to bring home more toys and learning tools with each level of understanding, coordination, and ability that she reaches.  I love being her mommy.

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  1. Grandma loves her baby girl. What a contraption!!! Nice and bright & colorful. Good way to learn her colors, to bad there's no numbers on it. I'm jealous Mistys mom gets to have her 4 days a week.

  2. P has the same bouncer, she LOVES it too! We also attached teethers with rings for her to reach. Mia is getting SO BIG! can't wait to play next weekend YAY!!!!

  3. She is absolutely adorable. My daughter loved her jumper, she started out just sitting in it playing with the toys but after a while she really learned how to get that thing moving.

  4. Get some of those links that you can attach together. Attach something like a rattle, teether, etc to the end of it and attach the other side to something stationary on the jumper. Then when she wants something in her mouth she can reach for that. We had a few that we attached to Mac's jumper when she was this age.

    • Awesome advice! We did attach something but that, too, is out of reach. Funny thing is that I DO have a bunch of those links and I completely forgot I had them! Mommy brain, blah. I'm on it! Thanks :)

      • That's what "experienced" Mommy friends are for. It's funny to write experienced since I feel like a fumbling fool most days. These baby days seem so much more clear than my current life with a 4 yr old! LOL!

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