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Hello, crafty DIY’ers!  I’ve got another super simple project for ya.  I’ve been gathering a lot of inspirations lately from watching The Nate Berkus Show, as I mentioned in DIY Vase Painting.  Great show…bursting with ideas.

Since we’ve moved into our house (rental), I’ve slowly (thanks to the baby) been trying to create color and personality in each room.  The thing is, when you take a look around in here, there’s no telling what color scheme each room is supposed to have.  That’s frustrating for me.  I don’t want to spend too much $ on any major changes since the house isn’t ours, so it’s my goal to thriftly (another made up word) create my vision for each room.  One easy place to start is by simply adding more hints of color that the room is lacking.  We’ve already got some colorful toss pillows and curtains that contribute color.  I really needed to do something with these lamps (2 of them).

I’m going for a blue and orange scheme in the living room, and to bring out more orange I just painted the lamps.  I used acrylic paint, but I’m pretty sure it’s not the right kind of paint for such a glossy/laminate type surface, such as these lamps have.  I had to put about 4-5 coats of paint on each, and I noticed that if I hadn’t let them dry enough before applying the next coat, the paint would peel right off.  The paint didn’t stick to the lamp’s surface well, so I think a primer would have been best to use before starting.

After the lamps had enough coats of paint and after they were completely dry, I applied a gloss varnish to give them a shiny and finished look.  This also helps to protect the paint from scratching or peeling off…which I’m sure mine will do with hardly any effort.

I LOVE the way they turned out.  Not only do they add that pop of color that I was looking for, but the bright paint also brings out the small details in the lamp that were hard to notice before.  Every time I walk by them I say, “Whoa, look at my orange lamps!”  I’m now mentally planning how I want to redo the lamp shades.  They’re so blah, and have a yellow tint to them because they’re old.  Of course, I’ll be posting what I come up with so stay tuned for the results.

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