Last weekend’s Family Session {Family Photographer}

If you’ve been a loyal bookblogworm and have been keeping up with all the latest and greatest here at Momista Beginnings, then you know I’ve officially announced my brand spankin’ new photography business//\\

My gallery/portfolio is still in the building stages so I’m so pleased to have photographed my very first family (friends of ours, pictured below) over the weekend. My gallery is a bit fatter now.

We were in San Diego for the 30th birthday party of my longest friend (known her since the 3rd grade!). We were staying with other friends of ours (not pictured) and took a stroll through their neighborhood with these fine folks that Dominic has known (well, the mama) for 20 some odd years! What a weekend of honoring such lengthy, solid friendships. It was a real pleasure capturing their beautiful smiles and genuine love they have for one another. This is why I love my new job. Who doesn’t want to be a part of something special like that?


Can’t you just feel that mother love, looking at this moment? I can.


There’s no doubt where her sillies come from.

stacy Collage1

This next “pose” actually comes with a funny story. Mama was telling me that little “P” makes “rawr” sounds and growls when dinosaurs are mentioned. She saw some very life-like dinos at a museum recently that were just huge and have the potential to scare young children. At first sight, “P” paused, looked them over and then busted out the hands pictured below along with her dino rawr! And she says “Die!” for “Dino”! Mama mentioned that while at the grocery store, little “P” got a hold of her keys (I think it was) and waved/lunged them at Mama while saying “Die!” (for dino) while onlookers stood by very confused. HA!stacy9w

stacy Collage2


I had to throw in this blooper image below. It makes me laugh. It was one of the last pictures of our very short session (“P” wasn’t a big fan of the whole sitting still or being photographed idea) and that look just screams “Seriously? You’re still taking photos of me? C’mon!” Or maybe she’s thinking “Beat it!”…another fabulous phrase she’s known for saying :) This kid rocks.


So, what do you think? Would YOU hire me?

I’d love for ya’ll to think of me for your next photo session if you live in the southern CA/Los Angeles area!

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  1. I\’m so so happy that YOU\’RE happy! And thanks for being my FIRST family. Honestly, I was a bit worried the day of…because of how short the session was and how squirmy P got. Keep your eye out for that BARN for a Fall session :) And heck yeah we\’re #4! Thanks to all of our friends and followers :)

  2. I knew you would get some awesome shots Misty, you are very talented indeed!! Thank you so much for capturing us, I LOVE every single pic!!! XOXOX
    And I saw you are ranked #4 Baby Blog YAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!!

  3. Aw, thanks Carol! You know, I had thought I didn\’t capture much since P was pretty uncooperative. She lasted a whole 5 minutes in the beginning and just wanted to be set free to run around with Mia. We wrapped up pretty quickly. I\’ve found that I\’m always pleasantly surprised once I get the photos on my computer and work my magic in the editing department :) Thanks so much for your support!

  4. Hi! I just found your blog today and what a LOVELY family you have! I’m glad to be following you now. Thank you for sharing!

    • Hi and a big fat WELCOME to my blog! Thanks for your comment and compliment…HOWEVER…not sure if you\’re thinking the photos on THIS post are of my family. They\’re not. They\’re of friends of ours that I photographed over the weekend. You can check me and my family out in our \”ABOUT US\” HERE. If you knew this already, my apologies. Just makin\’ sure. Now I\’m off to check your blog out, that\’s how I roll :)

  5. These are great!!!!! You captured their love and happiness beautifully!!!!!

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