Let the Juice Loose!

We are proud, new owners of a Magic Bullet Juice Bullet! Isn’t it funny, the things you get super stoked about as you get older? I feel like such a mom, a wife, an old lady getting excited over a kitchen appliance. But it’s true and this new kitchen prize juices up (literally) my mornings with anticipation of creating my own amazing juice concoctions.  Oh yes, they’ve been amazing.  If my homemade juice was bottled up and sitting itself on the shelf of a grocery store, I’d be a faithful buyer.  The decision to finally buy a juicer (we’ve both been interested in one for a while) came after an afternoon of me trying to squeeze with all my might, the juice out of lemons to make lemonade.  I think the lemons won.  I’m pretty weak.  I mean, my own mother (who doesn’t do any kind of weightlifting or strength training) beats me in a match of arm wrestling, 10 times out of 10.  WEAK! So basically, fast forward a few days and a few miles away to the juicing aisle of Bed Bath and Beyond, and there we were (my husband and I) trying to figure out which one to get.  We went with the one that matched our other black appliances.  It appeared to have the same function as the others at a cheaper price.

We took it for a spin (get it? the spinning blades?? bazinga!) as soon as we got home.  Take a look…





So far the juices I’ve made are Oh So Tasty!  Now when I’m browsing the produce aisle in the grocery store, I’m wondering what I can juice.

I’d like to mention that in no way was this post sponsored, nor did I receive any compensation for mentioning the above product. We bought it because we wanted to.  I wrote about because I think it’s awesome and to encourage anyone who’s thinking about buying one…to do it!  It’s so cool!  And it’s such an easier way of getting in the big fat number of fruit and vegetable (that’s right, slip some veggies into this bad boy along with your fruit, you’ll never know it’s in there) servings that is recommended daily!  Only downside is the big bulk parts that you have to clean after juicing.  It’s worth it, I think. 

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