LIFE: 10 Months

My lovely Mia,

You turned 10 months old two days ago and I believe there’s a trend going on here. Again, I can honestly say that this month has been the BEST one yet. I just love how each month brings so many new “firsts” and developments. You’re learning so much, so fast. Mommy and Daddy are so impressed with you and in awe of all that you are. Proud parents right here.

10 month4 10month5

Food Fetish

You’re still drinking about 4-6 oz. of formula at each feeding (which is around 4 to 5 bottles a day). We also pair a jar of baby food immediately following your bottle. You like sweet potatoes, carrots, green beans, vegetable mixes, apples, bananas, pears, chicken noodle, squash, peaches and any fruit mixture. When you sit at the dinner table with Mommy and Daddy at dinner time, you still love to sample what we’re eating. You’re not at all picky and have been really good about picking up with your fingers the food we cut up for you and place on your high chair tray. When you’ve had enough, you let us know by either rearranging the food on your tray or relocating it onto the floor where Rancho and Roxi patiently sit, waiting for your leftovers. You’re so interested in watching them eat your food. Daddy says that’s a bad habit that we should try to discourage, but I think it’s adorable. You drink tons of water everyday from your sippy cup, all by yourself. Mommy and Daddy also made pureed food for you for the first time. We made applesauce, pureed avocado and pureed carrots. You liked it.


You still only have 6 teeth. We haven’t noticed any others creeping in. You haven’t been too fussy from the growth of your new teeth which we’re completely grateful for. That doesn’t mean it won’t change when the next ones come in. You do still put everything you touch in your mouth and have made way more “crib carvings” on the front of the rail. Yikes! You’ve even broken the skin on Daddy’s finger when he was holding the tip of a straw to help you drink from it. Got a strong bite there, kid.


Mia bug, you are ALL OVER THE PLACE! Last month I wrote that you were standing for 4-5 seconds at a time on your own before falling. You’re so beyond that, now. You’re practically walking! Seriously. Your first steps were at 9 1/2 months old but since then I’ve seen you take 15 steps on your own, without holding on to anything, to get from the sofa to a basket of your toys. You use the sofa, a large toy, the baby gate or a chair to help you stand up and then you’re off. You head out into open ground, taking wobbly, short little baby steps to get around. You can walk for 10 steps or so, stop, look around, regain balance a bit, and continue walking another 10 steps before falling on your booty. That’s pretty much the only thing that’s keeping us from announcing that you’re “walking”. You’re still not stopping by choice, yet. You fall from loosing your balance. It’s the most amazing thing to watch you do! I love watching you walk all over your play area. It’s only a matter of days to a week or 2 before you’re officially walking. GREAT JOB!!! Grandma’s purchase of the walker has played a big role in your walking development. You figured out how to move around in it after a day or 2 of trying it out.

10 month2

You love it, especially when you’re cruising around in our backyard with the dogs and the chickens.


You know my name! You say “ma” or “ma-ma-ma-ma-ma” when you want me or are calling out for me or when you see me. It’s usually not just “mama” but that’s okay, we’ll get it right eventually. For now, I’m just stoked that you know my name and it’s music to my ears. You still rattle off with sounds like “ba-ba-ba”, “da-da-da”, “ya-ya”, “wa-wa” and other noises like blowing and spitting and even using your fingers to make sounds with your lips. Love it.

Other 10th Month Firsts

You can give us “kisses” on command! When I lean into you and put my face close to yours and say “Mia give me a kiss…kiss, kiss” you either lean towards my mouth with your lips closed, or you open your mouth real big or you stick out your tongue. You’ll even be in the middle of fussing or whining and I’ll ask you for a kiss and you’ll stop long enough to “kiss” me, then you’re right back to fussing again. Your kisses are like gold and make me melt each time. Muah!

You can clap! You did it on command for the first time about a week ago while watching The Ellen Show. Mommy loves that show and we record it and watch it everyday. Each time it starts, I’ve always said “Yaaaaay Ellen! Hi Ellen! There’s Ellen” while clapping with the audience. You’ve always become excited over this by bouncing up and down or smiling but for the first time, you clapped along with me and said “ya-ya-ya” while I did! And, every time the show came back from a commercial break and the audience would applaud, so would you! Since then, you haven’t stopped clapping! You do it nearly every time you see Mommy, Daddy or Grandma clap. You do it on your own when your favorite shows come on. You even do it while you’re falling asleep. Here is Mia, clapping for her Uncle Chris after he blew out his candles on his birthday cake at Grandma and Grandpa’s house last night.

chris bday12

…the rest of these photos are from that birthday dinner with Uncle Chris…

chris bday5

chris bday6

chris bday8b

chris bday9b

10th Month Firsts Continued…

Mia and her girlfriend, Patience, having breakfast together.


Mia sits like her Daddy.



These lovely ladies are lucky to have such loving Daddys!





  • Movies: Finding Nemo, Tangled, Alice and Wonderland, Happy Feet 2, Cars
  • TV Shows: Bubble Guppies, The Ellen Show, Baby Einstein
  • Bath time. You scream when I take you out.
  • Stuffed bunnies, pacifier, your “turntable”, cups, remote control
  • When Mommy nibbles and bites the inside of your legs. Weirdo.
  • Pulling books off of shelves, opening and closing cabinets, kissing yourself in the mirror, licking mirrors, cruising in your walker, washing your hands and playing with the dogs.

10 month3

Not a Fan of…

  • Diaper changes, clothing changes
  • Being away from Mommy
  • Falling asleep on your own (but we’re working on that)
  • Being taken out of the bath
  • Having your face or nose wiped
  • Being held while sitting or sitting on anyone’s lap. Always gotta be moving.

Keep up the cuteness, kiddo. Mommy and Daddy love you to the moon and back.


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  1. Oh my word, tell me about it! We miss you Auntie Carol!

  2. She’s getting so big so fast!!!!!!! Great pics!!! And eeeek! She’s almost walking!!!!!! <3

  3. Adorable, love it all!

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