LIFE: 11 Months {VIDEO included}

Hi, Mia Moo! (I’ve been calling you that a lot, lately).

    Today, you are 11 months old. Only one more month until you’re a whole year! The preparations have begun for your big day. Mommy has been busy trying to plan your birthday. I’ve been collecting all kinds of ideas for decorations, recipes, games and photos to make the day extra special for our family and friends. On one hand, I can’t wait for your 1st birthday to celebrate this big milestone with you. On the other hand, I could use another month to give me more planning, preparing and crafting time. I tend to work well under pressure in these sorts of situations, so we’ll see soon how it all plays out. This month has been pretty similar to the last. Of course, you continue to grow, learn. blossom and completely impress Mommy and Daddy. You’re our little pride and joy.

Here are a few photos from this month:

Thanks to Chad and Kellie for passing down this Elmo chair for Mia. We’re trying to introduce her to sitting in it but so far it’s only lasted a few minutes at most.

elmo chair


Always in motion.


Laughing at the TV.



My multi-tasker.


She really gets into her “stories.”



We’re beginning to lessen the amount of formula in each bottle and give you more jarred food of fruits, veggies and meat mixes. You still like the same foods that I listed in your 10 month update. You still sit with Mommy and Daddy at the dinner table at dinner time. You’re not a picky eater and you sample whatever we’re eating. I think the only new skill to mention regarding food is that you sometimes try to feed yourself the bottle by holding it on your own. I’m looking forward to when you do that all the time.


You’ve got 2 more bottom teeth coming in! They are just barely poking through, but they’re there! That explains why everything you touch is back in your mouth again. You like to bite Mommy’s knee when I’m sitting on the couch. You also bite my fingers sometimes. It’s more than a nibble, you’re actually biting down hard, so hard that if I don’t pull away you’ll break skin. Don’t eat Mommy, please. These 2 new teeth you’ve got make a total of 8 teeth!



It’s official. You’re in fact, walking! There’s no doubt about it. You never crawl anymore. The only time you’d crawl was when you’d fall down and need to get back up again, so you’d crawl to the nearest thing or person to pull yourself up with to begin walking again. This last week we’ve seen you get up all by yourself from a sitting position on the floor. You no longer need any assistance in getting back up. I’m so proud of you! Your wobbles are beginning to phase out and your holding your balance really well. When you’re tired before nap time or bed time, you are the most clumsy. You fall, run into stuff and trip over stuff a lot.

This video of her walking was taken 2 weeks ago. If you like things that are cute or you’re a family member/friend who hasn’t seen her walk yet, then you’ll enjoy this.


You’re “talking” a lot these days. You mostly say “ba-ba-ba-ba-ba” at different volume levels and “mm-mm-mmm-mmm”. You call me “ma-ma-ma-ma-maaaa” and you giggle a lot. You’ve been testing out little screeches and shrieks when you’re excited. Other than that, no real words have been spoken yet.


  • At month 10 you were clapping when you saw or heard someone clap. Now, you know to clap “on command”. All I have to say is “Mia, can you clap?” and you’ll do it.
  • You’re still giving the best kisses, ever! “Mia, can Mommy have a kiss?” SMOOOOOCH! I love that you do it no matter what you’re doing at the time.
  • You slept in your crib through the night, without waking up for a bottle, for the first time. You did this one other time but it was in your play yard which is set up in Mommy and Daddy’s room right now because we have a house guest, “Uncle” Jason, staying with us for 3 weeks.
  • You’ve done it only twice, but you pointed at something you were interested in.
  • We’re working on waving “hello” and “bye-bye”. You do it maybe 50% of the time when we ask or when we show you how.
  • You’re figuring out the purpose of certain objects. While Mommy was laying on the couch with my feet up, you picked up my flip flops and put them on top of my feet. You know that’s where they go and I was so proud.
  • While changing your diaper on the changing table, I’ll grab your feet in the air and clap them together. A few weeks ago, after I did this you grabbed your own ankles and made your feet clap all by yourself. You do this at just about every changing, now.
  • You’re currently learning how to “get down” from the couch by turning onto your belly and sliding down onto your feet. You’re getting pretty good at it.
  • You scored a bunch of really great toys and clothes and shoes at the LA Kids Consignment sale they had in Burbank recently. Can’t wait for the next one in April. Their prices can’t be beat.


You still love everything I listed in your month 10 update. The latest thing that really gets you giggling is when Mommy sniffs all over your face, eyes, nose, ears and neck (like a dog). You think it’s the funniest thing. Also, when Mommy or Daddy sneeze, you laugh. We usually follow up our sneezes with some phony sneezes just to hear you laugh.

Love you to pieces, baby girl!


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