LIFE: 5 Months! {aka 22 weeks}

Prelude: I do realize that posting such a lengthy description of my baby’s last month and our relationship with her isn’t a hot topic and a major area of interest for most of my readers. This is mainly written for my husband, my family, my daughter and for me to remember down the road when Mia isn’t 5 months anymore but rather 5 years old….and we’ll reminisce. If you so choose to proceed, well I hope you enjoy this little peek into our family life.

* * *

My darling, Mia, you’re 5 months old! I’m sure I’ll be stating this with each passing month, but this has been the best month to be your mama so far. I love you even more now than ever before. How can this feeling possibly grow any stronger? I don’t know how my heart can fit any more ushy-gushy love in there for ya but it finds a way with each day. Maybe it’s not more love that I feel, maybe it’s just always evolving into something different…more powerful and deeper. I don’t know how to explain it, but I do know that you take my breath way…literally…every day. It’s pretty cool.2

I love waking up with you each morning. No matter how the previous day or night went, you always wake up so refreshed, recharged and happy. You give Mommy and Daddy the sweetest smiles that make me melt. I wish that I could snuggle with you in bed longer each morning, and share hugs and kisses instead of rushing around the house getting ready for work while Daddy gets some good Mia-time. I’m jealous. Right now, I have to work and I’m sorry for that. But know as I’ve mentioned before, that I’m trying to figure out a way to be with you more each week.

When work is done and I go to pick you up, I love the moment when you first see me after being with Grandma all day. It takes you a few seconds to process what’s going on and that I’ve magically appeared in the room…but in no time I get that heart-stopping smile again along with some body wiggles, waving arms and kicking feet. You’re excited.3

I think I kiss you over 100 times every day. You’re going to hate that when you get older, I know. That’s why I’m taking full advantage of the fact that you can’t do a single thing about it now. Is that so horrible? Oh, and there’s pretty much not a spot on you that’s off limits to my smothering smooches. My most favorite kissable areas are your chubby cheeks, your feet, the palms of your hands, and your eyelids when you’re nodding off to sleep.

I love watching you study the world around you. You notice everything. You grab at everything. You want to lick and taste everything. Once you get your hands on something, it doesn’t have a chance. You’re squeezing it, shaking it and pulling it apart before it gets tossed in the air and onto the floor. To be honest, you’re quite aggressive with your toys. This new characteristic makes me wonder if it has any significance in the kind of toddler you’ll grow into. I’ll embrace any personality that you have, but I just hope you’re not too much of a wild child. 5

Mommy and Daddy are thrilled about finally getting to feed you your first “solids”! Spoon-feeding you is something we’ve both been really looking forward to doing. You were introduced to the wonder that is the spoon. We started you with 2 Tbsp. of rice cereal for about a week and then we switched to oatmeal cereal. Both have been going well.  In fact, you love your cereal and you’re so good at eating it now. You sit ready in your “feeding chair” and with each bite that approaches, you open your mouth real wide, welcoming that mush-filled spoon. You even try to grab the spoon with your strong little hand, which has led to a mini version of tug-o-war and usually results with the cereal being flung back onto your face or onto me. Man, you’ve got a grip on you. Whether it’s the bottle or the spoon, you have a thing with wanting to feed yourself. You actually held the bottle all by yourself while drinking from it just the other day….for like 5 seconds. You’re such a big girl for a 5 month old.

For the last week, we’ve been giving you tastes of apple baby food. You’re not a fan. You only take about 4 bites of it. Each one is immediately followed by a sour, squished face with a side of drool. Good thing we bought a 10-pack of bibs recently. New Mommy Tip: Have a good supply of bibs and burp cloths, especially when solid foods get introduced to baby’s diet.6

Your collection of toys has grown, mostly in the last few weeks. Now that you’re so hands-on and observant, we’ve been trying to find toys that will stimulate you and help to entertain you during the day. Just like most babies, you like the ones that make sounds, light up and can fit in your mouth. Your jumper has grown on you. You’re able to touch the ground when you’re sitting in it, which allows you to rotate your seat around, getting yourself access to all the stationary toys on it. I think the longest you’ve lasted in it before calling it quits is about 20 minutes. We’re working on that. Grandma just bought one of her own at a consignment sale last week so now her house just got way more fun. You don’t entertain yourself very well and you’re pretty much in constant need of attention. You definitely keep everyone on their toes. You quickly get bored, too. You’re always needing to be switched from one activity to the next.

You’re so vocal! You’re little screeches and squeals have turned into big and loud screeches and squeals. Your sounds resemble that of a Pterodactyl. You’ve become more forceful with your noises and you’ve been throwing in some grunts and growls, too. You get especially talkative when the dogs are near. You’ve started “talking” and “yelling” at them in between your hysterical bursts of laughter. They are the funniest things in your whole world. You get intensely excited at their presence and it’s pretty much the most adorable thing ever to watch. The dogs, however, are less than amused with you. Sorry. I think they’ll come around soon, though.

You had a few weeks this month when you wanted next to nothing to do with Daddy. You were all about your mama and only wanted me to hold you and comfort you. Thankfully, you’ve been snapping out of that phase. It was hurting Daddy’s feelings but he’d still try to give you love and attention anyways. Now you’re letting him hold you and play with you again. BUT, when you’re in a mood because you’re tired and it’s time for you to nap or be put to bed at night, Daddy doesn’t stand a chance. You’ll be crying and screaming for minutes while Daddy is doing everything he can to calm, comfort and quiet you. You don’t let up until I take you and hold you. What happens then? Silence. It’s crazy, really. It frustrates both of us because Daddy wants that power to be able to calm you when you’re upset and I want that break from having to always be the one who calms you when you’re upset. It’s tiring. I hope this changes as you get older.

Daddy and I are dying for you to finally sit up by yourself. We can both see that you’re improving, being able to sit upright for seconds longer each time before teetering over. You try to and we know you’re almost there. I’m hoping that this skill will help give you more independence and allow you to entertain yourself more efficiently. It also opens up the ability for me to take better photos of you and in more positions. Mommy loves “photo shoots” with you and is building up the ideas for them, so prepare yourself.1

You get cuter everyday, and I think a tad bit chubbier. 2 reasons as to why people have been telling me lately that you’re looking more and more like me, I suppose. You were still in the 90th percentile for height and weight last month and by now I’m sure you’re at least 16 pounds. You’re getting your final wear of the 6 month old clothes you have and will soon be (like in the next week or 2) fitting into your 9 month sized clothes. You hate getting dressed and undressed, especially the part when I have to pull clothes over your big head. You kick a lot and make it nearly impossible to get your feet into booties of pajamas and to line them up right to button them down the front. New Mommy Tip: Buy and/or ask for on your registries…pajamas that zip down the front rather than button. They’re so much easier to figure out when it’s 3am, and it’s dark, and you’re half asleep and trying to clothe baby back up after changing the diaper. SO MUCH EASIER.4

Lastly, my darling…I Love You! Daddy loves you. There’s nothing more important in this world to us than you. You’re the center of our world, just as much as we are for you. Your happiness and well-being is my new purpose in life and I’ll never stop trying to give you just as much love and joy as you give me. I’m so excited to start month 6 together and watch you grow and develop through it. You’re nothing short of a miracle, baby girl.


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  1. Haha.. I LOVE her.. she is ABSOLUTELY gorgeous and amazing and I LOVE watching her grow on here and in "real life." And I'm pretty sure the fact that she is getting "chubbier" is NOT the reason she is looking like you.. lol… it's in her face love! ;) Anyway.. Miss Mia you are WONDERFUL and truly loved by so many people.. xxoo

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