LIFE: 8 Months

My lovely Mia,

Another month has passed and so here I am again, writing to you a day after you turned 8 months old. This has been quite an eventful month with some exciting and some not-so-exciting firsts. Let’s begin with the “first” that I could have done without…

You got sick.

Yup, you began your 8th month with a bad cold. It pretty much happened over night. You woke up, crying and upset because you were struggling to breathe through a snot filled nose. You couldn’t eat from the bottle because you couldn’t breathe through your nose at the same time. I felt so horrible and sad that I couldn’t fix you. We tried, though. We put you in the shower with Daddy at 1am in hopes that the warm water and steam filled room would loosen your mucus and help clear your nose. It definitely helped. We busted out the humidifier and I slept that night upright with you in my arms so that any more mucus would drain down and not congest you. Oh the things parents do. You remained sick for about a week, we thought you were getting better, than WHAM you began wheezing and coughing. One day, you nearly choked on your phlegm during a cough attack so I took you to the doctor. Apparently, this is normal in the whole cold/sick cycle. You were experiencing the post nasal drip and we just had to wait it out. In the middle of all this sickness, Mommy and Daddy both got sick, too. What a drag those few weeks were.

mia and rancho1

Now, on to the better times of the month. In the beginning of it, you sat in the child’s seat of a shopping cart for the first time at Joann’s Fabrics while Mommy shopped for fabric on sale. You looked adorable that day and so much like a big girl that when I texted Daddy this picture of you, he stopped what he was doing at work and met us there to see you for himself. You really do make Mommy and Daddy appreciate the little things in life, now.

shopping cart You’ve become such a little babbler. You started saying “da-da” on December 7th, an exciting first for Daddy. Of course, at this point you don’t know what that means but you’re still saying it…repetitively. About a week and half later, you threw “ma-ma” into the mix. We know there’s no meaning behind them, other than you discovered that you can make a new sound and you like to hear yourself “talk”, but it still sounds so damn cool to hear our daughter say our names.

mia & gray

On a grocery store outing, Daddy and I saw a box of baby snacks that are made special for your age range. They’re called “Baby Mum-Mum” and are “rice rusks” that dissolve in your mouth. They’re shaped like a long, rounded cracker which fits perfectly in your hands to hold on your own and nibble on at your own will. We opened the box there in the aisle and let you try your very first banana flavored rice rusk and you loved it. Since then, we’ve bought “Gerber Graduates Puffs” (blueberry and sweet potato, naturally flavored) which are much smaller cereal snacks geared at helping you learn to pick up small foods and put them in your mouth. You’re catching on to this new skill so well and love feeding yourself these snacks.

At Grandma & Grandpa’s house, you’ve grown an attraction to their books on a bookshelf in the living room. You like them even better when they’re a mess on the ground.

books on floor!

book reach Your crawling skills are solid now, and your speed increases little by little each day. Your mobility is strong and you’ve learned how to get back onto the floor after you’ve pulled yourself into the standing position. At first, you’d just fall on your rear and then go about your business. Now, you’ve begun to bend your knees carefully to reach down to pick something up, or to more gently sit your rear on the floor. You’ve taken your crawling to the next level…literally. You can climb up Grandma and Grandpa’s stairs all the way to 2nd floor. You showed off this latest accomplishment on Christmas day for the whole family. It was Daddy’s first time witnessing it and he couldn’t have been more proud of you.

stairs1 stairs2 stairs3

Now, because you’re so quick to move all over the place, Mommy and Daddy ordered a play yard gate to set up in the living room, giving you a much safer and much larger play space for you to crawl around in. The package arrived yesterday and Mommy set it up while Daddy was at work. Here’s a picture I took of your first moments in your new space. The coffee table will be leaving soon (avoiding head bumps), and the Christmas tree is on it’s way out today or tomorrow (freeing up more space in the corner of the room).

new play gate1 Let’s see, you’re on to level 3 nipples for your bottle and size 3 diapers. You’re wearing 9 month sized clothing, finally, the sizes are beginning to match closely to your age.

You drink from your sippy cup by yourself. You’ve started sitting on your knees and bouncing up & down a little in that position.

You still don’t like to be changed (diapers or clothes) but at least you help us out little by pushing your arm through the arm holes of long sleeved garments.

Your favorite show is still Bubble Guppies and your favorite movie is still Finding Nemo. Just in the last few weeks, you’ve started to get scared a few scenes in Nemo. You cry when the scuba diver takes Nemo away, and sometimes during the shark scenes. You love any part when Nemo is talking, the scene where Dory “speaks whale” and the scene with the sea turtles. Mommy and Daddy are trying to introduce you to some new movies so we can get a little Nemo break. So far, no such luck. I think Alice In Wonderland (animated version) and Tangled grabbed your attention the most out of all of what we’ve tried.

And on the day you turned 8 months old, Mommy finally caught a glimpse of the teeny-tiniest tips of your 2 front teeth coming in. No wonder your appetite has been off and you’ve been a bit more needy lately.

Mia, you continue to astonish Mommy and Daddy every day with your ongoing evolvement into who you are becoming. You enrich our lives more than you’ll ever know. We love you so much.



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  1. Thank you so much! Yeah, it\’s a wild ride so far. Enjoy every minute. Each day, it seems, brings with it something new and dear to look forward to.

  2. Oh, Mia is so adorable. I have a 5 months old girl and I’m so excited to watch him do the same thing as she grow. Love your girl! Beautiful photos!

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