LIFE: 9 Months

My lovely Mia,

Today, you are 9 months old! Only another 5 days and you will have been outside of Mommy’s tummy for as long as you were inside Mommy’s tummy. Wild, right? Crazy how fast life goes by when a little person gets thrown into the mix. We’re all holding on tight for the ride, though.


Food Fetish

It’s funny to read back on the 8th month letter I wrote to you. I mentioned how we had just introduced baby snacks, like rice puffs that dissolve in your mouth, to you. My how far you’ve come in such a short time. Pretty much every time Mommy and Daddy eat dinner or eat at the dinner table, we include you. We put you in your highchair and slide you up to the table with us. We also share whatever we’re eating with you. Of, course…not everything. Not yet. But some foods you’ve sampled since the last time I wrote you are: macaroni and cheese, pasta noodles, rice, grilled chicken, avocado, egg, Ritz crackers, cheddar cheese, Cheerios, green beans, beans, tangerines (loved em) and Brussels sprouts (loved em). You’re definitely not a picky eater and you always want a taste of whatever we’re eating at any given time of the day. Love that about you, because Mommy and Daddy love food and why should you be any different.



In your last letter, I mentioned that we saw your 2 front teeth sneaking in. Well, there’s no sneaking about em…they’re in, along with 2 more up top. You now have a grand total of 6 teeth in your cute little mouth. You constantly have your finger or thumb in your mouth, sucking away or feeling at your gums and teeth. This results in a bit of drool down your chin but that’s all part of being a baby. Just today, Mommy discovered some carving you’ve done on the side of your crib.

teeth marks

We’re going to have to do something about this.


You’re a quick little crawler. It’s a breeze for you now. You love to stand whenever you can and you bounce up and down, bending your knees. You mostly do this when you’re excited and when you hear music. That’s right, you dance. I mentioned last month that you crawled up stairs for the first time. This is now a piece of cake for you, too. You love stairs. This month you’ve figured out how to climb in and out of your baby rocking chair. You’ll sit back in it, relax and watch your TV shows. It’s adorable. You’ve also begun to sit still for longer periods of time, almost “indian-style”, while watching TV, too. It makes you look like such a big girl. I’m on the lookout for a soft, plush chair for you that hasn’t any legs (so it won’t tip, it just sits on the ground). Another milestone that you’re feeling out a bit is standing by yourself. You’ve stood on your own for maybe a max of 4-5 seconds before falling back on your bum. Just yesterday, Grandma bought you a walker so you can practice walking. We know you’re just around the corner from that big accomplishment.



You move backwards in it more than forward, but hey it’s only been a day and you’ll get the hang of it in no time.


You’ve been making more sounds and discovering your vocal abilities more. “Da-da”, “Ma-ma”, “ya-ya”, “ba-ba” are mostly the sounds you make. You like to squeal, hum and throw out some baby gibberish from time to time. You sing and hum with music, which is cool. When Mommy “sings” you sing right along with me. I just hope you end up with a better voice than me. I’m sure I’ll always think it’s better no matter what.


You still love Finding Nemo. We still watch it everyday. I’m still not sick of it, thankfully. You’ve begun to react to it more, now. This past month, we’ve seen you laugh, giggle, smile, shriek, and babble at your favorite parts. You do the same thing with Bubble Guppies, which is still your favorite show. You now enjoy watching Tangled and Alice and Wonderland (animated version). I’ve tried a few other movies but they haven’t caught on, yet. You love your pacifier, putting everything in your mouth, the dogs (really love the dogs), being at Grandma & Grandpa’s house, pulling things off of shelves, pulling your toys out of your toy bins, cups, drinking from cups, the cats (shrieking at them), seeing other kids and babies, bath time, singing to music, dancing to music, Mommy tossing your stuffed animals at you when you’re in your crib while saying “ATTACK!”, and putting your pacifier into Mommy’s mouth.

Not a Fan…

You still don’t like having your diaper changed, you’re a pain to feed (waving your arms around and turning your head side to side), you don’t like havingĀ  your face cleaned, you refuse to let anyone put fingers in your mouth, and you usually fuss when we first put you in your car seat (but you pipe down a minute or so after getting buckled in). You also don’t enjoy having your clothes changed, still. This month we discovered that you don’t care for grass. Mommy, Daddy and you sat together on the grass in the backyard one day, enjoying the nice weather. You sat with us so well until you got the urge to crawl. When you leaned over to begin crawling, you immediately stopped once your hand felt the grass. You wouldn’t budge. You just kept touching it, followed by throwing your hand back into the air out of disapproval. You became frustrated over being “trapped” so Mommy and Daddy had to hold you instead. Weirdo.

Mommy and Daddy love you, MUCHO! Until next month…


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  1. Oh, your baby is so adorable! She is growing too fast. I love her. I can’t wait to see my little one grow and watch his skills form day by day too. Great share here! Nice photos as well!!

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