Life: Week 1

Holy smokes!  It’s been 16 days since I’ve posted…anything.  Dominic chimed in a few times to let you know we’re ALIVE…thanks, hun ;)  This baby-makin’ stuff  is nothing less than a full-time job!  Duh, we’ve all heard that expression and it should come as no surprise that it’s true…but you don’t actually realize how true it is until you’re employee to the infant.  I answer to a new boss now, and she’s demanding.  I’ve made so many attempts to create a post and give ya’ll an update,  but every time I’ve tried…something has interrupted me.  In fact, after typing that sentence I had to get up to attend to a few different “chores”.  What are those interruptions, you might ask?  Stay tuned for a special Mommy Edition on how week 1 has been for me.  It hasn’t been pretty.  Click here to see what I mean!

Here, we focus our attention on little miss Mia Rose.  I can’t believe that she’s already 15 days old! I’m only highlighting her first week in this post, so what I meant was…Oh wow, I can’t believe she’s only “7 days old”! ;)  What has this little piglet been up to?

  • Can I just say that I think my baby is the cutest little baby girl I’ve ever seen?!  All moms say that about their kids, and I’m no different.  I love her face and I can’t stop kissing it.  I love her smell and I can’t stop breathing her in.  I melt when she squeezes my fingers and when she nuzzles into my neck when I hold her.  Dominic was gawking over her the other night and says to me, “Hun, I hate to tell you this but I’m in love with another girl.” ;)  Yup, ditto.
  • Mia spent her first day in the world in the hospital with me, lookin’ cute as can be (her, not me) and pudgy (both of us) for visitors, being held and admired by friends and family,  and of course, by daddy and me.  It was this day that daddy and I discovered Mia’s powerful set of lungs.  This baby can screech!  I apologize to our hospital room neighbors for her LOUD cries and screams.  I had a fairly easy pregnancy, so we had a feeling our luck wouldn’t go much further.  We knew that we would have a boisterous baby.  Grandma says Mia will be a singer some day.

Daddy and his 1 day old baby girl

Day old Mia

  • 2nd day in the hospital: more holding and gazing by more visitors, more feeding attempts, and more creepy staring from mommy.  At 5:30pm, we were discharged…we could go home.

2 days old. Soul mates do exist

Bringing our 2 day old HOME

  • Mia was born on Friday, April 27th…she pooped inside me (ew) and right after birth.  She didn’t poop again until Tuesday, May 1!  We were totally worried that there was something wrong with her and that maybe she’s so fussy because of gas and/or constipation.  She farts ALL THE TIME, too.  We were advised by her pediatrician to give her some formula to help her go.  We did so on Monday, and relief came the next day.  She still isn’t regular.  She skips a day or 2 before her next poopy.  Does anyone else have a similar experience or any tips on helping a gassy, irregular baby?

3 day old sleeping beauty

  • We started giving Mia soy formula, which was advised by my mom.  Apparently, I was allergic to regular formula as a baby and my mom resorted to soy and even goat’s milk.  I was the fussiest baby and it took a while for her to figure out the problem.  Once she did, I was so much happier.  Not sure if it did the trick with Mia, because she’s still fussy (but not as much).  We’re willing to try anything.


  • Mia has been most irritable in the wee hours of the night.  A few days after we brought her home, she let us have it at 1:45am (after only sleeping for an hour).  In between a feeding, a diaper change, and lots of “soothing” and rocking and bouncing and “sshhh’s” between Dominic and I, she just cried and screamed!  I felt so helpless because I couldn’t calm my baby.  She was so unhappy, it broke my heart.  She finally fell asleep around 4:15am.


  • Mia made her first public appearance at my work.  It’s literally down the street from her pediatrician’s office so we decided to make  a surprise visit to show her off.  Luckily, the car ride put her to sleep and she stayed that way during our whole visit to both campuses.  Everyone was excited to see her, especially after seeing my growing belly everyday from conception until I went on maternity leave.  The final product was sitting right there on my art table on display :)

5 day old Mia’s first day out

  • My favorite “Mia moments” are when she’s just waking up from a nap.  She stretches her arms above her head, she stretches out her entire body down to her pointed toes, and she makes about 15 different faces until she’s fully awake.  She wrinkles her nose, grins, frowns, raises her eyebrows, flutters her eyes, yawns, makes an “I’m about to scream” face…and more.  It’s so dang cute and always makes me laugh.  I’ve got to video tape it

She’s yawning…imagine when she actually screams

  • Mia had her first appointment with the pediatrician at 5 days old.  This was our first time taking her out of the house and my first time trying to “plan ahead”, waking up early enough to get ourselves ready and Mia fed and ready.  Ha…that was a joke.  We were running around the house trying to get her diaper bag in check and it took longer than I had expected to get her to eat.  We were 30 minutes late to the appointment.  Can you spot the first-time parents in the waiting room?  Yes, that’s them rushing in with wet hair and a flustered look.  Anyways, Mia had only lost 3 oz, which was good.  Everything checked out great.  The pediatrician recommended we give her a few drops of a gas relief medicine called Little Tummies when she gets really fussy.  Right as we were about to leave the room, Mia made a nice big poop…and then cried until we got to the car.


Daddy and his 5 day old

  • My mom and I gave Mia her first bath.  This is pretty tricky to do in the early days because her umbilical cord hasn’t completely fallen off yet and you can’t get it wet.  We had to sponge bathe her and she fussed through the whole thing, probably because she was cold and couldn’t be submersed in the warm water.

5 days old = first bath time

  • I expected to have a baby that would just be chill and relaxed during the day.  If she’d been changed, fed, burped and kept either cool/warm, then she should be a peaceful and wide-eyed baby and content to just lay in her play yard or in our arms, right?  Wrong.  During the first week, she would cry and wiggle and squirm in between most of the things I just listed.  Either that, or she just slept.  I didn’t get many enjoyable moments with her that I had anticipated

6 days old

  • Feedings were a bit difficult.  She would fall asleep about 5 minutes in.  Either that, or she’d take many breaks between a few “sucks”.  I’d have no idea how much she was actually getting in (since we were breast feeding).  Not enough food could be another reason explaining why she’s been so fussy during the day.  Hunger.

Good morning, week old baby girl!

  • Infants are supposed to feed every 2-3 hours, on demand.  That means, whenever they seem hungry.  She’s supposed to get 2 ounces of formula or breast milk at every feeding, if she’s getting fed 10 times a day…which is what we’ve averaged.  I read online that a rule of thumb in figuring out how much to feed is to take your baby’s weight (Mia is 8 lbs) and multiply that by 2.5 ounces.  This gives you the total amount of ounces to feed her in a day (20 ounces for Mia).

One week old

  • At first, your breasts produce colostrum in the smallest amount, not milk.  This is super healthy for your baby to consume and for us, it was really important to make sure she got it.  As the days went on, if she was still hungry after feeding from the breast, we’d give her a little formula to satisfy her hunger.

One week old

One week old. She’s already changed so much!

  • Product recommendations:  I love the Boppy!  I’ve used it with each feeding because it puts her at the perfect level to reach the boob.  It’s also great at giving my arms a break from holding her up when I just want to sit on the couch and cradle her.  Another product that I think is great to have is a wipes warmer.  I saw one of these when I was trying to decide what to put on my baby registry but thought it sounded pretty silly and more like a trendy item rather than a useful one.  Mia is so much more calm during her diaper changes because her already cold little tushy gets all heated up by a warm, wet wipe.  I used a cold one on her once and she hated it.  I would, too!  We received a warmer as a gift and I think every mom should have one.  Also, a separate drying rack made specifically for holding bottles after washing them has been very convenient for us.  The little parts that go to the bottles and also to the hand pump and electric pump get lost in the rack with all of our regular dishes.  Another product that has been a life saver is a pain relief cream or ointment (natural) to rub on your nipples after breast feeding.  Breast feeding has been painful, but I haven’t cracked or bled because I’ve used this stuff faithfully.  I have 2 different kinds and prefer Medela’s Tender Care Lanolin.  It’s not as thick and sticky as the other stuff I have.


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  1. Annie Wynne says

    It took Riley a while to start pooping regularly too and our Dr said it's totally normal. Also I read in a parenting book that it takes about 2 weeks or so for babies to get on our schedule as far as recognizing day and night. The book said during pregnancy babies often sleep more during the day because they are rocked to sleep and soothed by the movement of the mommy moving around, going about her day and then they wake up at night when mommy has stopped moving and is resting herself. This was definitely the case for Riley because for the first 3 weeks he cried every night from 12 to 3 AM with no good reason! After a bit he got the hang of things and would wake up to feed but then go back to sleep for the most part. Also Mia might have an upset tummy from having both breast milk and formula. Riley had trouble til we started with formula exclusively. Hang in there, it gets easier! I tell my teenage parents in the young parenting group I run all the time "it's totally normal to feel like you want to throw your baby out the window, however to actually throw your baby out the window is not normal" lol! Oh, and please feel free to call anytime!

    • Chrytsyna Johnson says

      So true, about throwing the baby, Annie. I remember during all the sleepless nights that I just wanted to cry, scream, throw something, go back to single life, etc. I remember at one point thinking back to my judgmental comments about Mothers who hurt their children. I never understood how someone could hurt their child until I had one. It's really just a matter of sane or not sane because those sweet babies can surely push you to the edge of the cliff at times. The average Mom is just sane enough to control all the crazy emotions. When you feel like you're at the end of your rope just set her down in her crib, walk outside, scream your head off until you feel better, and then come back to retrieve that sweet little monkey. haha!

      • I'm just starting to get used to this new schedule…if you can even call it that. So far, Mia hasn't been too bad at night. She's up every 2-3 hours to eat and then gets back to sleep pretty easily…probably because I breast feed her at night and she falls asleep on the boob. That's the only good thing about that bad habit of hers. I did have one afternoon that was extremely stressful from her constant screaming. I just sat next to her with my hands over my ears, crying. It was hard for me to even look at her the rest of the day…I was so miserable. It's been getting better, I'm glad to say.

  2. Another great product, similar to the Boppy, is the My Breast Friend. It is even more amazing than the Boppy for getting them at the right level, it has a little bump for their heads to rest on, and you can buckle it around you so that if you have to get up and do anything while you feed, you can walk with it on. It also has pockets for snacks and a water bottle. It's great, a little pricy, but SO worth them oney!!

    • You know, I heard about these but I didn't know you could move around with them. That's awesome. A friend of mine highly recommended it also, just yesterday. Gotta check it out. Thanks

  3. Anonymous says

    Abby also pooped inside me. (ew!) They took her away to clean her up before I could even look at her or hold her. Longest 20 mins of my life!! It took her a few days to poop too and when she did it was about every 3 days. She still doesn't poop everyday. It's more like every other day now. Doc said it's fine as long as she doesn't seem uncomfortable. It just means she's using most of what she eats… Have you tried gripe water for the gas? I've found that very helpful. Or Hylands colic tablets that dissolve in her mouth work great too. Both are all natural/homeopathic.

    Ok, enough talk about poop and gas… Happy Mother's Day!

    • I really do wish she's poop everyday…i think it's part of why she's so fussy because she's so gassy. And when she does poop, it's SO MUCH! I don't know where she stores it all in her tiny little body. I mean, I'M crabby when I'm gassy, too :) And I worry that all of what she's eating is going to turn to fat! I haven't tried gripe water but I definitely will..and the tablets. Thanks for the tip.

  4. Chrystyna says

    Ok here I am commenting over here. Just because you asked nicely ;)

    My #1 piece of advice to you is to exclusively breast feed her for now. Don't pump. Don't give her formula. Just breast feed her. Give it 3-4 weeks and then you can start pumping. Your body is this crazy amazing thing that knows what to do for her. The pump just doesn't cut it. You won't get near as much as she will get actually on your breast. Also, she has to suck completely different between a bottle and you. Bottle is WAY easier and if she hasnt already figured out how to master getting milk from Mom then most babies don't try hard enough. They know if they scream Mama will give them a bottle. It's a chore. It takes a lot of work and patience, but I promise it's worth it. I said I'd just BF Mac for 2 mo's. my Sister warned me the first month would suck. It did. After that it was smooth sailing though. I could run out of the house with some diapers and a change of clothes. I was her food supply. On top of how great it is for her think of the cost savings.

    If you decide you don't want to go that route then I have other ideas for you in regards to her being fussy and the formula.

    • I totally WANT to only breastfeed her. But…I don't think I'm producing enough to keep her satisfied. I tried it a few days ago, only giving the boob…but she was SO fussy all day and cried. She was so hungry. Part of the problem is that she falls asleep while feeding from the boob, so how could she possibly get enough?! And trust me, I poke her and undress her and she's out like a light. And when I pump, I only get about 2 oz. each time and she's eating at least 3 with each feeding. It's super frustrating.

      • Chrystyna says

        Ok. Since you WANT to exclusively breast feed her I'm not going to sugar coat this. Stop giving her formula. Make that decision and stick with it. You might have a rough couple days while your body adjust to feeding her more and she adjust to having to work to get her milk. Your body will produce enough. You hear people say all the time they gave formula because they didn't produce enough. They didn't give it long enough or feed often enough. Also you usually hear this in conjunction with people who also bottle feed. She will most definitely not signal your body to produce more milk if you are bottle feeding her. Barely sucking gets milk flowing quickly from a bottle. Barely sucking gets her next to nothing from Mama. She has to suck hard to get it out. That's why she freaked out on you when you tried to switch her a few days ago. She will figure it out though. She won't starve to death…I promise you. Mac wasnt gaining weight ad everyone was freaking out. They kept telling me I needed to give her formula. I knew I just needed to work to get her to eat. She figured it out. She ate small amounts more often. She liked to nurse and then fall asleep just like Mia. That's ok. Let her eat again when she wakes up and she's ready. A lot of babies don't nurse much during the day, but will cluster feed all night. That's actually perfect for you if you make this move because it will signal your body to produce more milk because she's eating more often. A lot of people swear by spending the day in bed one day and just letting the baby lay next to you and eat whenever she wants. Let her get used to things. And BF'ing while laying down is by far the easiest and most comfortable way to do it. Just remember to switch sides ;) If you want to message me I can give you lots of ideas if you really want this to work. I know it's hard. Especially when you have a loud and stubborn baby to listen to. Been there done that which is why I'm willing to help. But for real… Hide the pump, bottles and formula of you want this to work. They're your #1 enemy right now.

        • Toni Salce says

          I absolutely 100% agree with everything you said! If you want her to only have breastmilk then that's all you should give her! She is not crying because she is hungry, she is crying because she is confused. Your body produces enough for her if you let it. Also look into camomile tea for her. I had to try different things with Jakob and none of the store stuff worked but the tea calmed him almost completely. I feel for you. This is the hardest time, you two will figure it out. She may have been inside you all this time but she is just now starting to get to know you in a whole other way, the same goes for you. I always wish that women would give breastfeeding a better chance, it is an amazing thing when you get past these first couple of weeks! Good luck to you and please get in touch with me if you need to!

  5. Anonymous says

    Mia is beautiful, congrats! I worried about the poop too. Jax only did it every 2-3 days. Now at 16 months I wish we could go back to that, lol. Enjoy every moment, it really does go fast. Xoxo Bayley

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