LIFE: Week 15

This was the week that has been making me cringe, just at the thought of it, since the day I went on maternity leave 3 1/2 months ago.  It’s amazing how fast that time went.  I’m relieved to say that I’ve made it through this week of all weeks, but I did so with a heavy heart.


  • The weekend before I went back to work, I made it top priority to ease my stress loaded mind by FINALLY cleaning the house.  A deep cleaning.  And I made my husband do it with me.  I knew that once I was working, there’s no way I’d have the time to do all that needed to be done, and I wanted to come into a nice clean home at the end of a stressful day of missing my little baby.  Our Saturday was filled with dusting, vacuuming, washing, laundry, sweeping, swiffering, scrubbing, bleaching, organizing, filing, straightening, loud music, some dancing and a little arguing.  My mom came by to take Mia off our hands so that we could get as much done as we could without any distractions.  What would we do without her?  Thanks, Grandma.

  • The next day, we enjoyed our nice clean home by having people over for some pool action. It was a perfect way to beat this crazy southern California heat.  Having friends over, grilling hot dogs, drinking beer, playing horse shoes, watching the dogs swim, beer butt chicken (but with soda) and dipping Mia in the pool for the very first time was just the thing I needed to put a light end to my maternity leave.

Mia’s already got herself a girlfriend, Abby.  Look at that SMILE!

     week15 010

This little cutie is 6 months old, only about 2 1/2 months older than my Mia.  In no time, Mia will be sitting up and holding on to this little car just like her friend.  Can’t wait.

week15 013

Here’s Mia’s first time in a swimming pool!  Looks like we need to grab some water diapers next time we’re at the store.

week15 033

week15 037

Carol shows us how to gracefully handle being pushed into the pool while wearing her clothes.  Dominic better watch his back next time she’s over :)

week15 043

  •   Now to the nitty-gritty.  WORK.  Ugh.  Let me be clear, it’s not the work itself that I’m bitter about.  I like my job, I’m good at my job, I look forward to outdoing myself once again this year with the creativity I’ve got up my sleeve.  I’m down in the dumps over the fact that I HAVE to go back.  Financially speaking, I have to work. I’m also bummed over having to go back a whole month earlier than we had originally planned.  Mia is still so little and she’s just now starting to giggle, laugh, roll onto her tummy, and make the cutest and funniest sounds.  I’m missing out on all of it.  I’m so worried that she’s going to start preferring my mom (Grandma’s babysitting while we work) over me!  I like being the one that soothes her best, the one she feels safe, secure, calm and close with.  I’m being forced to share that crown.  I feel as though my role as a mother is being replaced.  Don’t get me wrong, I have no hard feelings towards my mother.  In fact, I’m extremely grateful to her for taking on this huge responsibility. She’s our ultimate life-saver. I know part of her is glad to do it, to be able to see her darling granddaughter most of each week and watch her grow and to be such a strong part of her life.  I also imagine that part of her must feel obligated to step in and help us. This has got to be a burden for her and I wish things were different.  Anyways, back to the work week.  I did it.  It actually was a lot easier on me than I thought it would be.  Of course, I missed my Mia…but I didn’t cry or ache the way I thought I would.  But hey, it’s only the first week and I only worked for 4 days.  We’ll see how I feel when I go to pick up Mia from Grandma’s and I learn that she crawled for the first time, walked or talked!  Sad face.
  • I don’t know if it’s the change in Mia’s routine (being dropped off at Grandma’s for 6 hours a day) or what, but this once so easy child at night, just threw us off our game.  The past few nights, she’s been waking up twice for a feeding and after the second feeding, she does NOT want to go quietly into the night.  She keeps tossing and turning and wiggling around in our bed.  After being up with her for over an hour, Dominic would wake up and take her off of my hands so that I could get some sleep.  He’d report to me the next morning that she was wide awake and he finally got her to sleep in her swing and he fell asleep on the couch.  Of course, this little girl has to become difficult the very same week that I actually NEED my sleep for work the next day.  Oh, bother.

I’m 15 weeks, today! I still have crazy hair.  I’m still adorable.

week15 050 

I introduced Mia to her new friend that Grandma C got her before she was born.  I think she’s trying to curtsey, here.  What a lady.

week15 065


I’m still waiting for her neck to come in.  Oh how I love this little chunk of mine!

week15 083



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  1. Ahhhhh I love her!! Love the tutu too!!! I agree.. the heat is insane but also the change in routine.. I wouldn't want to go to bed either if I suddenly was missing 5-6 hours of mommy in my life.. she'll work it out! Although I could be way off because Maddy just never slept.. oh wait.. that's not encouraging is it.. ;) LOVE that your mom is such an amazing woman! I am sure she is thoroughly enjoying this and has nothing more that she would rather do.. I know it's all I'm going to want when Maddy has a child one day.. (oh my gosh did I really just say that!? She can't even date until she's 30!!) <3 Oh and Dom… your lucky I could actually feel that your intention was for us to NOT go in.. lol epic fail!! ;)

    • I really didn't think I'd like the tutu, but saw that she was running out of time to wear it, since she's so big. Once we had it on, I was bummed I hadn't put her in it more often. That's the first and last time…it was a bit snug. Yup, my mom is pretty awesome. We're all extremely lucky to have her in our lives. Funny you mention dating…Dom gets anxiety just thinking about that. You guys are nuts…we've got YEARS before we cross that bridge…phew!

  2. Yay! Abby made the news too! :)

    She's totally all over the place at night too. I think it's the heat. Not eating as much during the day because it's hot and then wanting to catch up at night when it finally cools off a bit. She went from sleeping 6 to 6 to waking up to eat 2 or 3 times a night. Last night she was wide awake from 2 to 3:30… No fun! Hopefully they'll go back to normal when it cools off.

    • The Heat! Duh…that's gotta be it. Or at least I hope so. Last night she was wide awake again after her feeding, I was up for about 2 hours. Good thing I'm not working today. And I just HAD to include those super cute pics of Abby. What a little ham!

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