LIFE: Week 16

Zooooooooooom!  Did you see it?  Did you also see this week fly on by at top speeds?? Whoa.

week16 207

  • I’ve completed my 2nd week back at work.  I’ve got to admit, I’m a little surprised at how NOT torn up I am…from being away from my little 3 1/2 month old bebe.  Was I in that much of a need for a break or something?  I thought for sure I’d be racked with anxiety.  It is tough to say good-by in the morning when I leave her at Grandma’s and to walk out the door, but after that…I’ve been pretty much okay.  I’ll tell you this much…being back at work makes the days speed by me.  I’m not sure if that’s a good or bad thing?  The cute sense of humor of the students help pass each day.  They’ve discovered that if they slide their feet across the fake grass on the playground, they can “zap” and “shock” each other with their finger.  I fell victim to their zaps, too…every day.  I also learned a fun fact this week from a student of mine, and now I pass it on to you…

fun fact

  • Well, now summer school is over and I’ve got 2 weeks OFF of work (what will I do with my time?!) until I go back in September to start the new school year, still teaching art. Yay :)  This means I’ll be bringing you more projects for kids, with much better pics, I promise.  A few examples of my projects are HERE and HERE.

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  • The weather has  been insanely hot this past week.  We took advantage of our pool and had a handful of people (& their kiddos) over to swim on the weekend. Mia had a little play date with another gf baby of hers.  We grilled some dogs and enjoyed some ice cold beers and cocktails. Mia had her 2nd pool experience, skinny dipping again.  This time, with Daddy.  We bought her a swimsuit and some water diapers at Target last night.  Can’t wait to break them in next time. Here’s just a few photos from the day.  More to come from this day, soon! See more from this day HERE.

week16 005

week16 128

  • Dominic began to paint our now spare bedroom, white.  It’s in the process of being transformed into our office & craft/work/art room.  I’ve got plans for the walls that go even further than just a coat of white paint. Curious? Well, there’s currently a stencil making it’s way to my home via Mr. Mailman, courtesy of a super cool company for who I will be writing a review for in October.  I’m really looking forward to tackling this new home project.

office2 office1

  • My little Mia got to laughing again this week!  While we were at Grandma’s house after work, she started cracking up just looking at me.  I milked the moment for all I could, and I got some side splitting laughs out of her.  My mom and I were nearly in tears, laughing right along with her.  Such a priceless moment, 3 generations of gals, all laughing together.

 week16a 001 (1) 

  • With help, of course, Mia is standing so strongly on her cute, chubby little curled up feet.  She likes to sit up, too…still, with help.  She’d be crawling all over the house if she could.  You can tell that she’s just dying to move that body!week16a 001 (12)
  • This little baby cake is now wearing SIZE 2 diapers!  What a chunk :)

week16a 001 (13)

  • Mia has been rolling over to her tummy, even more than before.  She does that now, every night and morning.  She likes sleeping on her tummy with her head cocked to the side.  We’re still waiting for her to roll back onto her back again. Oh, and speaking of sleeping…this girl sleeps in past Mommy and Daddy!  I get up to get ready for work, she’s still asleep.  Daddy gets up an hour later, she’s still asleep.  A few mornings, we’ve had to actually wake her up so that I could drop her off at Grandma’s and go to work!  I’m not complaining. 

baby side down 

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  1. Oh Misty she is just soooo cute!!! You always have her in such sweet little outfits. I'm bummed I don't live closer to you – playdates would have been awesome! -Kelly and Sophie

    • Thanks! Aww play dates would be fabulous, i agree. One day, right? It's possible :) Your little one is such a cutie! Good work.

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